by Rylie Spencer


I randomly wrote this in a few minutes because I was bored, but I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out!


Rain pouring down all around me, soaking me to the core.

But I didn't move.

I couldn't move.

"Father, will you be here soon?" my mind asked.

He promised he would come back today.

Come back from the blood, the death, the despair that was surrounding him where he was.

At war.

He was supposed to stay there, but he promised me.

He promised me he would come to visit me today, today.

Come to visit his only daughter, who couldn't bear being without him.

Being alone, with no one but the maid to keep me company.

When Mother passed, Father couldn't bear it.

So he left for war, to keep his mind off of his sorrow.

But without either of them, it dropped me into the deepest sorrow.

And I feared for Father's health out there.

What if he died, leaving me all alone in this world?


That could not happen.

So I had to bring him home. Had to have my only family beside me.

If he didn't come.....

Then I saw a shadowy figure.

It got closer.

And closer.

It was a man. A man with a raggedy beard and hair, and sad golden eyes.

"Father?" I whispered.

I was afraid to believe it was him.

The man smiled.

"Yes, daughter. Father. Come home for you. Come home for you forever."

I threw myself at him, and we embraced. Suddenly I felt warm despite the rain pounding down upon us.

Father was home.

Here to stay.

No more loneliness.

No more despair.

No more rain.

Just sunshine. Sunshine and love.

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