Stuck in My Head...

by Savanah TheWriter

Imagine you're with a group of friends

Inside a maze

You all start at the same location but decide to split up to find the exit quicker

You take the route on the right...

The walls are boring and white with no specks of color

You walk through the empty halls with no luck thus far

You call out to your friends, "Any luck?"

There is no answer

All you can hear is your footsteps and your breathing...

At this point you start to panic but you're attempting to calm yourself

You're walking at a quicker pace, hoping that you find the exit or at least a friend

You've walked for an hour, turned every corner you know but they all look familiar...

Still no sign of your friends

Did they leave you? Did they get out? Are they hiding, ready to jump out at you?

By this point you are basically running down the halls

Yelling out their names

You can't see the door

You can't see anything except white walls...

You come to a stop at a long row of mirrors down both sides of a hallway

One shows all of your imperfections, the mole on your right cheek, the roll of fat on your sides, the unkept pieces of hair below your eyebrows.

Another one shows the dreams you let fade, when you wanted to be a fire fighter, when you thought you could build the biggest lego castle in all of Indiana, and when you wanted to train your dog to jump through a hula-hoop on command.

The others show your goals, your family resemblance, your past, your present, your future.

Then the last one just shows your reflection.

You sit down at the mirrors...


On the wall, below the "Family Resemblance" mirror you find a small hole, fit for a mouse.

There is a piece of paper inside

It reads, "Are you going backward or are you going forward?"

There is a picture of a bow and arrow underneath.

After an estimated 17 steps forward, you find a door.

Printed on it, in red

"Sometimes we have to see our past in order to see how far we really came. This, you must do alone."

When the door was opened, you were greeted by your friends...

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