Flight ( Corrected )

by mj

It was my birthday, at this stage of my life I felt happy and elevated, except I have to share it with my brother. I had my family to celebrate with, my grandmother would come all the way from Europe to celebrate with me and she would make the most amazing cupcakes and cookies with sprinkles and icing. My brother would always gloat on how he was the oldest. My dad used to make us wear these ridiculous birthday hats that made us look like immature babies. I loved my mother's birthday dinners that she would cook whenever it was someone's birthday, but what I hated the most was when everybody sang happy birthday out of tune, but my brother had the best voice in the family, no one really know where he got it from but I use to make jokes and tell him that he was adopted, or else where did that voice come from. Anyway that was the past, now is now and I don't like it. I would rather be anywhere else but here!

It was a school trip that my dad organized for the girls soccer team, we didn't get much chances to go on trips to other countries but the boys always did, we were planning to go Lebanon for an international girls soccer match we plan to win but things didn't exactly go to plan. We were on the plane gliding through the air; we were all so interested on how Lebanon was going to look like and the cultures of the country. i was sitting next to my dad near the window seat as he was learning how to speak Arabic, I wasn't paying much attention to him, all I could think of was salted peanuts. We sat for about ten more minutes when we heard the plane's pilot speak. "Can I please have everyone's attention!" the pilot pronounced. I looked at my dad but he was sleeping. "I am afraid we would have to make an emergency landing in Syria, please return to your seats and fasten your seat belts, we making the landing, thank you!" the pilot finished. The team and I felt the plane going down but there was something wrong, the plane was going down way too fast, and my dad still wasn't waking up after a couple minutes of pushing, kicking and yelling. The whole team was looking at me; I don't know what for but it looked like they wanted me to tell them what to do. But that's just it; I don't know what to do!

The plane was going faster and at the back of the plane we could all hear the flight attendants talking about an emergency escape, another announcement came from the cockpit. "Please take up your life vest from under your seats and place it over your head, I hope you guys payed attention to the flight attendants demonstration, we are going down!" the pilot concluded. What does he mean we're going down? I ordered all my teammates to put on their life vests, but before all of them could, the plane collided with the ground creating a pool of innocent blood. I was lucky to be alive along with a few more of my teammates but my dad was very unfortunate. I was escorted to a shelter underground by one of the surviving flight attendants. The noises I've heard were unimaginable. Gunshots firing, people crying children screaming, it was unbearable. I placed my shaken hands over my ears and wrapped my arms around my legs. I am no scientist but I do know that the plane crash was no accident; I will find who killed all the innocent people on that plane, my friends and my father. We landed in the middle of a warzone and now we are stuck in it!

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