I Simply Rule Because I Don't Care

by vishalatchi arunagiri


A short story about postivelity.

Life has been extremly difficult the past year. I had freedom from hell for the last three years. It seems now that my hell is uprising and i dont want to fall backwards.

keeping myself motivated and intact has made me stronger. I Vishalatchi Arunagiri am the greatest person i am because i am battling with demons and voices and having people in my head.

I dont like strangers and i find peace in sharing. I am a hero said one person at segi. In JPA one person cried. I am brave. I am here to live and share.

I don't disclose everything to everyone. Lifes about change. I am going imagine good things. I am glade to be working in fleur de vie. I am happy to be close to mom.

Death is the ultimate truth. Its the only thing for sure. we grow closer to it. so why should i spend my days crying and being made fun off. I am an advocate. I like being me.

Life chnaged me and made me realise nothing for sure, nothing last forever. I know i will die telling my story. I am proud of all my achievements. I am brave, strong and aboustely beautiful and a great human been.

Probly more famous then any other human been. I love myself, i only have me. I only have myself to look after. nobody gonna do it. So i've decided to be positive and to stop moaning.

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