An Ode to Jennifer

by Hern's Son


An unforgettable magical evening

An Ode To Jennifer

It is amazing how one chance meeting can touch you in a most unforgettable way. How you wake up on a warm spring like Saturday morning in February not knowing what the evening holds.

Stepping out the front door that afternoon there was a strange breeze in the air. With no destination in mind, I set my beaings to Modesto, CA. It was a strong impulse drawing me back there after so many years. Into the early evening that breeze continued to flow around my shoulders and into my soul. This was a premenition of the events that were yet to come. Like a magnetic pull the universe was guiding me towards her.

Being out of the club scene for so long, the weight on my feet felt like lead shoes. Feeling like I did not belong there, I had a strong urge to just drive away. Trying to convince myself that whatever drew me to this particular dance club was just a useless infatuation. The confidence to step out of my car was there, but the intimidation was much stronger. Finally, the courage kicked in, the car door was open and both feet were on the ground. After several minutes of hesitation,I found myself in line with other patrons at the entrance door. Upon entering this club my heartbeat became much more rapid, the first of many rapid heartbeats that occured this evening. Doing a once over of the club I quickly realized one thing, the music changes, the people change, but the clubs always stay the same.

For the first two hours the feeling of becoming a permannent wallflower was becoming overwhelming. People were entering in groups and it was a guaranteed standing room only kind of night. A discouraging feeling was starting to overcome my confidence. The guy / girl ratio was becoming pretty obvious. Then, the breeze from across the entrance door caught me like it did earlier that evening. It was like a familiar tap on the shoulder and she was there. Everything around me stopped, no music, no conversations, no fashing lights. It was as if she just glided in slow motion with a glowing ray of light around her. It was at this moment when I realized that the strange feelings I had felt all day long were trying to tell me something. A prelude to this person walking into my life . As she passed dierectly in front of me her scent was so familiar, like a flower that only blossomed every thousand years. I suddenly had the feeling that this evening was already starting to move at a very quick pace. Time to act and not let this night get away. She ordered her drink at the bar and walked over to a table where her friends were already waiting. I was so entranced by her beauty that I did not see them walk in with her. As she moved so gracefully on the dance floor I approached her friend sitting at her table and asked her what the status was on her attractive friend. ' You mean Jennifer?" "Ask her to dance," she said. I believe that my attraction to her was pretty obvious as I asked her if she would like to dance. Success! We were dancing. This was the moment and it was really happening.

Everything seemed second nature now, her brown eyes surrounded me as we danced. Was I really here now? I could really convince myself that it was all just a dream. We sat together at her table and looked into each others eyes, holding each other and continuing to dance. I was floating on air not even caring that I really had forgotten how to dance. I was so thankful for the slow dances (thank you Mr. D.J.), as we held each other tight she rubbed the back of my hair and I kissed her cheek.I still remember every song that we danced to. She also had the most memorable laugh that was joyous and comforting to the core. I swear I was in heaven, or at least close as I would ever get. How sad that this night would eventually end. We made the best our time together and we said goodnight and thank you. I suddenly felt so alone. A strong connection was felt with her. The breeze and strange feelings that started earlier that day I now understand what it was trying to tell me. A heart can see the whole world and beat for it. Never has one touched my soul so deep as it was touched on this magical unforgettable night.

Thank you Jennifer.

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