Poolside Pets

by John Thompson


We're lounging by the pool, frustrated after a sex-less week, then it all happens...

                                                               Poolside Pets.

When I flew off with my mate Richard for a week in the sun we soon found most of what we'd come for: sun, sand and booze. But by the time our our holiday was fast coming to an end we were still lacking the one thing a pair of randy twenty seven year olds wanted most - sex. We'd hung around the right beaches and bars, but the closest we'd come to naked female flesh had been the strippers in the local striptease bars. Then on our last but one day it happened.

Richard and I were sitting on stools in the poolside bar in our swim shorts and sports shirt tops ogling the contents of bikinis and swimsuits like we did most days when we noticed two women approaching us, a blonde and a brunette. We'd seen them around the pool earlier in the week in bikinis that showed they had good figures. They were attractive and looked mid thirties. The blonde was in a microscopic red bikini with a loose, open fronted thigh length light blue shirt tossed over it, with the breeze catching her long hair. The brunette had neat dark hair down just below her ears and was in brief white shorts so tight they looked spray painted on and thin enough to show the outline of dark panties through the thin white cloth, with a pink blouse.

They strolled toward us and perched on stools either side of us, the blonde next to Richard and the brunette next to me. The blonde let her shirt fall open to show big breasts only just covered by tiny triangles of red cloth of her bikini. The brunette's blouse tightened making it obvious she wasn't wearing anything else underneath and that her big breasts were firm enough that she didn't need to

The blonde spoke.

"Hi boys. We saw you had your eye on us."

My initial thought was that they were prostitutes, but the brunette must have read my mind.

"We're not prostitutes. We've been here without our husbands all week. They're joining us at the weekend, but we're getting lonely in bed waiting. I'm Julie and this is Linda"

They were both wearing wedding rings.

Blonde Linda grinned. "Would you like to come back to our apartment? We can do some of the naughty things we'd never dare ask our husbands."

"Oooooohhhhh..... Come on! I can see your cocks are up for us" said brunette Julie, leaning back so her blouse tightened over the peaks of her nipples. I felt my face go red as I looked down at the prominent peak in my swim shorts. Richard's shorts were bulging in a ridge showing the outline of his erection perfectly, even its mushroom head.

"Don't waste those lovely big erections just wanking .... come back with us."

I'd been making do with masturbating every night. Richard and I were in a twin bed hotel room and from the rattling of his bed next to mine, rising to a frantic crescendo ending in his stifled grunts I could tell he'd been feeling the same. After a frustrated week we were as rampant as they come! We finished our beers in one gulp, slid off our bar stools and left with Julie and Linda.

We strolled with them across the sun warmed path around the pool. I felt as if every eye around us was locked on my erection poking my swim shorts out. We went up steps, with Julie treating me to a penis straining rear view of her shorts tight over her backside and that hint of black panties, to an apartment in the same beach complex as the bar. It was large and luxurious with a huge central lounge and two big bedrooms leading off it, and a balcony with a view over the pool. The girls poured us a couple of cold beers. As I sipped it I couldn't keep my eyes off the bulge of Julie's big boobs with the peaks of her nipples under her thin blouse and those tight bum clinging white shorts showing the outline of her panties, looking even sexier than Linda in her bikini. Julie's eyes kept going down to my shorts showing the outline of my straining shaft and I felt my penis was about to burst through the cloth.

"Mmmmmm!" Julie purred "I know what I want first!"

Julie took my hand and led me to one of the bedrooms. Just before the bedroom door closed behind us I saw Richard and Linda entering the other bedroom, with Richard's hand on the thin red thong strap between Linda's all but naked bum cheeks.

After a week's frustration without sex Julie and I were as frantic as each other. Julie lifted off my sports tops and simultaneously I dropped my swim shorts. I'd been sunbathing naked on our hotel balcony and I was nicely tanned all over including my hard up erection. Julie stood there breathing heavily with excitement as I undressed her, that pink blouse first, getting her gasping and moaning by exciting her peaking nipples through the thin cloth with my fingertips before I slowly undid each button. Then those so sexy tight white shorts! As I'd guessed underneath Julie's shorts were black panties, brief and tight over the curves of her sex mound and her cheeky well rounded bum. When I'd slipped her panties off she stood with her legs wide to show me her naked body in all its glory. She'd been sunbathing nude too. She arched her back to thrust her breasts up and out. They were massive and firm, and rising and falling rhythmically with her excited breathing. There was no bikini shadow on her breasts or around her sex mound, just deep pink nipples peaking tautly like corks from big deeper pink areoles, and a neat rim of dark hair round her love slit from which her pink labia were peeping out.

We didn't waste any time. We fell straight onto the bed and spent ages wrapping ourselves round each other kissing, licking, exploring and fondling each other's naked body. I'd learned from experience that almost every inch of a woman's body is an erogenous zone, not just her breasts, nipples, inside thighs, bottom and cunt and I drove her crazy showing her I knew that. After a frustrated week I must have kissed every inch of her naked body. She sucked and licked the big so sensitive mushroom head of my penis, knelt between my spread thighs tickling my shaft with her cunt hair as she caressed my chest and I played with her breasts, and loads more! Then finally after delicious ages she squirmed out of my arms, lay on her back with her arms above her head holding the wooden bed head, spread her legs wide, thrust her hips up toward me and gasped "want you!".

Before I gave her what I wanted I got my head down between her legs so close her cunt hair tickled my nose and kissed, licked and fingered her pink swollen labia and clitoris till she was trembling on the brink. Then I climbed slowly up her body kissing her all the way till my knob was knocking on her door, her sex gates opened to welcome me with a tight warm embrace, her legs folded up either side of me and I slid full length in. After a week of just my hand for night time company Julie was exquisite! I'd got her excited enough with my tongue and fingers to climax, crying out, squirming under me and gripping my bum with her heels while I was still methodically pumping my way to my cum. As she relaxed under me in her afterglow whimpering softly I thrust and thrust till I filled her. We lay there afterwards until we heard voices in the lounge, then we joined a satisfied looking Richard and Linda. None of us bothered to put any clothes back on.

The girls poured us all beers and we flopped on the comfortable sofas. I'd noticed a pile of porn DVD's by the television and Linda put one on. We spent an hour or so watching one about a teacher in a posh girls school who catches schoolgirls having after school lesbian sex. They invite him to join in the fun and soon he's completing their sex education. By the end the headmistress has discovered what's going on and she joins the romp. As Richard and I ogled nude young female flesh performing every sex act we could imagine Julie snuggled up to me on one sofa and Linda snuggled up to Richard on the other and we kissed and cuddled nude female flesh for real.

Long before the video ended I was up erect from watching porn but even more from the feel of Julie's boobs and cunt hair against my hand and her light fingers on my thighs, chest and sex kit. Julie ran her fingertip slowly up the length of my shaft till she was lightly tickling my big mushroom head and running her fingertip around the ridge where it joined my shaft.

"Are you ready for more fun Linda? Our boys certainly are"

I saw Richard's muscle was sticking straight up looking every bit as erect as mine, and Linda's grin told us she was certainly ready too.

"What shall we do Linda? Two randy boys and two horny girls. Do you remember that video the other night that turned us on so much? Shall we do that with them?"

"That video about those secretaries in that office?" Linda grinned "Oooooh yes! Let's!"

There was a big wooden topped coffee table in the middle of a cream coloured circular rug. Linda got onto it, kneeling wide legged on it and thoughtfully fingered her smooth mound, with a mischievous smile on her face. She flopped smoothly onto all fours resting on her hands on the table top so her big breasts were swinging just above its surface, stuck her bum up and spread her legs. I was standing behind her and she treated me to a superb view of her backside, her puckered arse and her vagina pulled open so her pink labia peeped out. I couldn't resist running my hand over the backs of her thighs and her soft smooth well rounded bottom.

"Ohhhhhh! ......" She moaned. She stretched her legs a bit wider and looked at me over her shoulder " That's so nice! Do you like my bum? Do you want to play with my pussy..... while Richard enjoys my other end?"

Richard's stiff penis was sticking out almost horizontally from his thick dark bush, with his hairy balls looking well filled beneath. He got the message quick enough! An instant later he was standing wide legged in front of Linda with his hips shoved forward so his muzzle was aimed straight at Linda's face with his big purple mushroom head brushing her lips. He suddenly juddered, grunted, his face twisted then melted into a huge grin. I guessed Linda had given his knob a lick and kiss.

"Ooooooohhhh! I'm throbbing from when you fucked me!" Linda gasped, looking up at Richard. She wiggled her bottom at me and I saw her fingers peep out from between her bum cheeks as she played with her pussy. I got that message too!

I reached between Linda's legs, fondled the backs and insides of her thighs and her bottom, and tickled her down her bum crack with my hand slowly working its way toward her vagina, sending her gasping, squealing and quivering with sex pleasure. As I played with Linda Richard grunted, sweated and squirmed from the treatment Linda's mouth was giving his cock. I'd been stroking Linda's juice sodden vagina lips and circling her clit for a few minutes when she cried out, her back suddenly arched, her legs strained wider, her body jerked several times and she cried "Oh! .... Oh! ..... Oh!" with each pulse of her orgasm. I held my hand cupped over her mound as she knelt on all fours panting and enjoying the afterglow of the orgasm I'd given her.

Richard was running one hand through Linda's hair and over her bare back, and gently stroking his shaft with the other, obviously as frantic to jerk his cum as I was. He didn't have to wait long before Linda moved forward taking his shaft full length into her mouth. Richard grunted, spread his legs to brace himself for the pleasure to come, and Linda began rocking back and forth as she slid her lips up and down Richard's shaft, going so deep her face pressed against his hairy belly. As Linda's body rocked her bum cheeks lightly brushed and patted the soft sensitive head of my penis in a delicious erotic rhythm.

Julie moved so she was standing next to me so close her furry mound was brushing my buttock and her breasts were pressed against my arm. She slid her hand down my body to tickle my balls and the length of my shaft and I saw her hand was glistening from the oil she'd lubricated it with, then her whole fist closed around my shaft squeezing gently. Then Julie and Linda started!

As Linda sucked Richard off Julie stroked my shaft rhythmically up and down full length, with her finger and thumb in a loose ring catching that sensitive spot on the base of my penis head just the way I like, and she fondled my bum and thighs with her spare hand. Of course my hands roamed over Linda's and Julie's bottom and thighs, and Julie's breasts and furry pussy. Richard came first. He shoved his hips forward, grabbed Linda's shoulders to pull her face against him then juddered and yelled as he spurted down her throat. He was still holding Linda's shoulders and panting when I felt my cum start to rise. I guess the way I gripped Julie's bum and shoved my knob hard into Linda's bum crack told Julie I was coming. She used just her forefinger and thumb to milk a delicious spurt of my creamy semen over Linda's bottom and pussy and between her cheeks. I stepped back with semen dripping in a string from my swinging penis. Julie used her own black panties to wipe off my semen from Linda's bum and the semen trickling down the insides of LInda's thighs.

We all flopped on the sofas and poured more beers then Julie and Linda heated up pizzas. We ate them and drank red wine while we watched another porn video. It was the one about secretaries slowly working their way through the guys in their office that had turned Linda on so much. We were watching the sexiest of the secretaries doing a striptease through flesh coloured underwear and tan stockings on the boardroom table while two of her colleagues gave hand jobs to two naked guys standing watching her, when Julie's mobile rang.

"Shit!" She cried out, "its our husbands. They caught an early flight. They've just landed at the airport. They'll be here in just over an hour!"

We frantically finished our pizzas and helped the girls remove all traces, including our semen splashes, that Richard and I had ever been there. The girls rushed off to replenish the beer, wine and pizzas before their husbands arrived and Richard and I headed back through the warm night to our hotel. As I left the apartment Julie pressed into my hand her black panties still wet with my semen she'd wiped off Linda's bum.

Back in our twin room Richard and I collapsed into our beds. Richard was asleep instantly, but with my erection straining over thoughts of Julie in tan nylons stripping on that boardroom table like that secretary and the memory of her hand round my shaft fresh in my mind I managed to wet Julie's panties one more time.

That was certainly a holiday to remember!

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