Mary Loves Jane

by Jr.scribe


a story by

Danny Perez.

.( Let me introduce you to Jane she is an awesome person. She is so vibrant, out going, exciting. Every place that she goes to everyone will meet her and know her shes that kind of a person. She is Ms. Popular because everyone loves her they all want to be around her. If you need to livin up a party just call her. Everywhere she goes it seems like thats the happening spot. She is definitely the life of a party. Her personality is so great you never hear her say anything negative. She is one of those people who don't stress about silly things. She says it doesnt have to be the weekend to have a good time but when the weekend comes up oh! watch out.

Now let me introduce you to Mary shes a very cool person. She is not notable like Jane she is more low keyed she doesnt interact with people or talk to people on her own but it isnt because shes stuck up. Shes just like that shes very shy still if you do talk to her or interact with her she will go with the flow. Not everyone knows her but if you do get the pleasure to meet her believe me you will not forget her. Shes that person you can have a conversation with spending hours just talking and not even knowing it. Shes so sweet, thoughtful, and also has a great personality. No one who meets her ever has something bad to say about her.

The thing is that Jane and Mary are always at the same social scene I think its the reason why the party is always happening. When there together they make things unforgettable. Life is full of stresses. People stress about paying there bills, people stress about making that money, people stress about there love ones, people stress about inner personal things, people stress about all kinds of things. When your with them they have this magic that makes everyone forget about there stresses. When your with them all you care about all that is in your mind is having fun and having a good time. Life is full with sadness. People have sadness over the things other people say or do. People have sadness over love ones and close friends no longer here with us. People have sadness because there whole life sadness is all they know. When your with them you never see a sad face around them. There is never a person who is crying or weeping whos around them. Everyone who comes in contact with them are always happy, cracking jokes being joyful. There is nothing but happiness when your around them because they are filled with life. Life is full with stereo types yet when your around them all lines are erased nothing is taboo. You can speak your mind and no one will hate you for doing so. People might not agree but they never let anyone ruin the vibe they got going. Race and culture is never an issue with them in fact they love to be around very diverse people. Religion is not a factor as well. All topics that you might think are touchy they have this vibe to make all topics cool to talk about. A lot of the times they can get people to see things in a way they never saw before. Theres not a members only with them everyone who wants to hangout with them can. Life is filled with so much stuff yet when your with them there able to get rid of all that for sometime. I guess thats why everyone wants to be around them.

What is the relationship between Mary and Jane. I'm glad you asked me that. They are roommates and like I said before they never go anywhere without each other. Jane has known Mary since they were in kindergarten together. As soon as they met she knew she had a friend for life. Mary has always been there for Jane threw out the good and bad. Mary has been there when Jane got burnt in love. Mary was there everyday to make her smile. Mary would take care of Jane when Jane was sick. Mary would look after Jane making sure that Jane will not get hurt. Mary would always give advice to Jane. Mary is the only one who knows about Jane's fears and inner demons. Mary is the only one who gets Jane. Mary is the only one who has been there for Jane. To Jane Mary is the older sister that she never had and she loves Mary like a sister.

Jane is everything to Mary. Jane is the reason she smiles. Jane is the reason why shes happy. Jane is the reason why she exists. Jane is her bestfriend. Jane is the person she loves. Jane is her soul mate. Mary has always been able to comfort Jane with words where Jane has a knack of comforting Mary threw her actions. When Mary has been sad Jane would give her a hug and tell her that everything is going to be ok. When Mary was depressed and didnt want to do anything Jane would always get her to go with her either it would be shopping or going to the movies. Jane would always be the one who got Mary something because she wanted to out of her own heart. Jane is the one who would always make a big deal of Mary's birthday or the holidays. Jane means everything to Mary. Mary would not know what to do if Jane was not in her life. If Jane was not in her life her soul would be lost. If Jane was not in her life Mary will no longer be in this life. Mary is in love with Jane. Jane does not know that Mary has these feelings for her and Mary will not tell her for she fears if she does so that Jane would no longer want anything to do with her. It is why Mary holds her tongue and keeps her feelings about Jane to herself. Still I have seen Mary try to show her true feelings to Jane in suddle ways. When they would drink they would get together talk about how much they love each other. They would kiss each other and make out but Jane never thought anything about it. She always thought it was just them having fun. Mary would always wish with every kiss and pronouncement of love that Jane would see her the same way she sees her but after every time she would be disappointed when she would see Jane giving her affection to some guy. One night Mary and Jane got us wrapped up in a conversation they where having).

Mary if you were a guy I would marry you. Your like the only one who understands me. I can tell you everything and you always know what to say. When I'm sad you make me smile. When I'm depressed you make me happy. Your the only one who I can depend on. You have never left me when I needed you the most. I would have your daughter if I could because I know she'll be just like you. I love you Mary. I love you too Jane why do I have to be a guy for you to love me in that way lets talk about it. Your the only person I care about I will do anything for you and I know you would do anything for me. I would never hurt you like these guys have. I would always love you. I would be your soul mate if you let me. Mary if we could I would maybe in our next life.( I see Jane give a kiss to Mary then she leaves to the restroom. You should have seen the devastation the words Jane had said brought to Mary. It was like someone had stomped on her heart. She sat there for the longest time with this face of despair. I see her begin to tear up when all of the sudden Jane would grab her and take her to have fun. Mary did a great job of hiding her hurt but as she was leaving you can see she was still sad as she walked out with her head down not saying bye to anyone.

There are times when I've seen Mary be very jealous of Jane being very affectionate with guys. One night was really bad though). What do you want Mary, Jane don't you think your being a little too flirty with that guy, I like him a lot, you just met him tonight, so what does that matter, it matters because your always getting hurt bye guys like that, your not my mom Mary.( The whole night I would see Mary despise the guy who was with Jane. She hated every time she saw them hold hands because she wanted to be the one who was holding Jane's hand. She disliked every time she saw them hugging close together because she wants to be the one in Jane's arms. She was mad every time she saw them giving each other a passionate kiss because she wishes she was the one receiving Jane's passion. Mary could no longer take it anymore she developed an evil idea. She had told Jane she was sorry they made up then she told Jane that her lips were looking chapped so Mary gave Jane her lip balm but unknown to Jane Mary had put something toxic on the balm that would only affect the guy that Jane was with. Mary had left Jane to be alone with the guy. As soon as the guy took a toke of Jane's lips he started to cough very badly. Then all of the sudden the guy started to see things. Things that were not there. They had to take him to the hospital it was that bad.

In every relationship friends or romance there are always going to be times when the people are mad at each other. Mary and Jane where no different. You could always tell when one of them wasnt with them. You didnt have that high of fun like you would when there both together. Things just didnt feel right when it was just one of them. The party was ok but you can see that you needed both of them there to make the party happening. When Mary is not with Jane. Jane is not her vibrant self. You see sadness in Jane when Mary is not around. You see worryness in Jane when Mary is not around, you see Jane quiet when Mary is not around. She cant think about having fun because her mind is occupied with thoughts of Mary. She cant think about being carefree because shes caring too much for Mary. She cant be herself without Mary around. When Jane is not around Mary Mary is lost. Jane shows Mary how to have a good time, Jane shows Mary how to careless of what others think, Jane shows Mary how to be herself. Without Jane Mary is sad. Without Jane Mary is hurt. Without Jane you can see Mary's pain. Mary cannot be without Jane. Jane cannot be without Mary. It is a rare occasion when there both not together.

Most of the time you see them together being themselves having fun. Yet to tell you the truth all the events that occur are because Jane wants it that way. Jane is spoiled bye Mary because Mary would do anything Jane tells her to do. There are times when I've seen Mary dancing with Jane and a guy on the dance floor because that is what Jane wanted. I've seen Mary make out with Jane and a guy because that is what Jane wanted. I've seen Mary pretend to be having a good time on a double date because that is what Jane would want her to be having. I've seen Mary go to clubs and parties because Jane wants her to go. I've seen Mary take her actions because Jane is at the controls. Jane is not a demanding person in a mean way her nature is to have fun with the people she loves. Mary does what Jane says because maybe the loyalty she shows to Jane will show Jane how much she loves her. Mary never says no to Jane because she doesnt want to upset Jane she wants Jane to love her. Mary grants Jane's every wish because it shows Jane how much Mary cares about her. When Mary says she will do anything for Jane she means it. She pretends to like a guy so she can keep Jane in her life. She pretends to be happy for Jane when shes in a relationship if it means Jane will stay in hers. She pretends to have a good time with everyone if she can spend time alone with Jane. She pretends that she doesnt love Jane that way maybe one day Jane will finally love her.

No matter how many times Mary sees Jane in a relationship, no matter how many times Jane tells Mary she loves her like a sister, no matter how many times it looks like it will never happen. Mary will never give up she loves Jane that much. Mary and Jane are always together Jane would not want it any other way Mary agrees but for both different reasons).


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