Just Go Have Fun

by The Tones

      I'm the best liar I know. And, to put it in perspective, that's saying a lot since I know a lot of lying pieces of shit in the world. By that I mean, you meet a lot of people when you work in food service. Not the point however; the point is that me being the best liar I know means that I can also see through any bullshit strung up in front of me to resemble truth....Am I rambling? Am I annoying you? I'm sorry. You're probably like most people and are immediately getting offended or intimidated by my erratic behavior by now. Soon you'll call me hostile or insane or something along the lines like the rest. Oh....I know....let me get him. He's my neighbor. Might as well call him my roommate in fact, since he lives so close. Yeah....that works. He'll make it all better for you won't he. He seems to work his magic on everyone so I don't think you shall be any different. Go on...he's in there now. Let his words soothe you like hot water on sore muscles or his touch sear you like a new grill. I'm not sure if all of this really happens, I'm only assuming since everyone prefers him. Me? Don't worry about me. He'll never read this and I'm sure his minions shall follow his lead. His handsome...mysterious...fun lead. Oh... you mean what will I do? I'll sit here and wait for you all to discard your scraps. I need nothing more. No. NO! I will be fine. Just....go....have fun..... I'll just.....stay here....alone.

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