The Calls

by Sudharsan Vasudevan

       "This is the 45th call this month, its been just a couple of months since I bought this SIM card and from then I have started getting these mysterious calls, from the same number, the guy calls me never talks, just keeps breathing on the other side till I cut the connection, the calls are getting more and more frequent too!", exclaimed Abdul to his friend, abruptly thrusting his phone in front of his friend Dhilip's face to get his attention.

   "Gosh, that is mysterious" said his friend Dhilip trying to accommodate his sight to the short distance. "may be you have a secret admirer, a girl must have a crush on you and is too shy to tell you".

    Abdul blushing, brushed off the idea, "no way man, can't you be serious for once?, I am not in the mood for jokes".

   "Okay, then tough guy , why don't you call the person back, we will find out for certain who the caller is?" Suggested Dhilip.

  "Do you think I am stupid, of course I have tried calling, but no one picks up, but I will try again just because you want me to",  Abdul called the number, with every ring poking his head with ideas of who it might be, no one picked up like he predicted, Frustrated, he tried again, still no answer, he called again, and again no answer "see I told you no one is answering, I am gonna throw this SIM card away get a new number, this whole incident is scary".

  After a few minutes, the mobile phone rang, Abdul's adrenalin peaked when he noticed it was the same number, he attended it, expecting no one to talk, But a meek female voice said hello, Abdul spoke back " who is this, what is your problem?, your calls have been disturbing me....", he went on a rampage over the phone,  " hello" the voice said again but was more clear, and seemed like a old women's voice, " I am sorry, my granddaughter must have mistakenly called you", "Does she make mistakes 100 times!, and i have been trying to call you, why didn't anyone pick up before?", "listen here boy, don't talk to me like you are my boss, I will cut the damn call, to answer your question, my granddaughter is autistic, and this is her personal phone, her life is difficult as it is don't complicate it, but I don't know why she has been calling you, she hardly calls, could you  tell me your number",  Abdul wanted to say just look at the mobile screen, but couldn't as he was in shock and didn't want another lesson in politeness, " its 97989" the old women interfered "57589". "Yes, that is my number", confirmed Abdul, everyone was silent for a few seconds, then the women spoke "sorry, that used to be her father's number, he has been missing for sometime".

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