The Longest Minute

by Sudharsan Vasudevan

              He had always been uncomfortable of heights, so he tried not to look down, if he did he would never jump, "it's time to go" he said to himself, but his body failed to move, he couldn't make his legs to initiate the jump, they felt so rigid, so he took four deep breaths to loosen himself, walked a few steps back, closed his eyes and jogged towards the edge of the 8th floor of his office building, as his legs hit the low wall, it toppled him over and he knew was in the air, as he felt the pull of gravity under him.

             He kept his eyes closed, waited for all of it to get over in a minute, he kept counting, 1.... 10, 11... 20... 30... he counted till 60, paused to feel the concrete hit his chest, with his heart beat pacing rapidly he was ready to embrace death with open arms, but he felt nothing, it seemed like he was still falling, may be he miscalculated the distance , so he kept counting till it was 120, but nothing happened, curiosity made him to open his eyes, he was definitely falling down, but to his surprise as he was falling towards the floor, the floor was moving away from in the same pace, this confused him, this was not how gravity is supposed to work, may be if he tilts towards the ground a little bit he might get there faster, arched his body to a ninety degrees, now the ground was moving away from him faster, then he started moving faster too, he started moving faster and faster, his skin started to peel off him, layer by layer, then his muscles, his bones, all he was is a brain now, his brain started to evaporate, now he was just a spirit, formless, shapeless.

                 He stopped falling down as his spirit was lighter than air, he started to spiral upwards, upwards, what is happening?, who was he?, why was he spiraling upwards?, what is his name?, what is this?, is he dead?, what is death?, questions kept pilling over him, then he had a massive headache, it was tearing him apart.

              "The best", "what", "you didn't listen a word I said, did you?" remarked Robin, "what" he said again, "Like I was saying, the ones you took a minute ago, the best LSD's in business".

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