l.a. & n.y.

by Jr.scribe

LA + NY.

a story by;

Danny Perez.

.( In the east the NY family is having dinner). I don't know how they call what I saw today entertainment its garbage is what I think. The theater now thats entertainment at its finest, the people of the west have no taste they sicken me if it was up to me I would not allow any of them to enter our great place, I agree especially the LA family there the worse they are the reason that society is going down the tubes, Apple why are you smiling, I find it funny that we can have an opinion on a group of people or a family without never meeting them, I don't need to meet them I know there reputation from hearing from others, why would you want to meet them you might catch something from them, like there lack of taste, I'm not very fond of this discussion. May I be excused, yes you may.

.( Three hours later in the west the LA family are having dinner). I'm I the only person who does not get the taste of the people of the east I went to the theater today watching a show that got raves in the east yet I found it bland, boring, and predictable, that tells you about the people of the east they are the words you just described. There old and out of touch of whats creative, smart, and exciting especially the NY family there the reason why we keep getting held back as a society, what is so funny Angel, the fact that your talking about a people and a family who none of us have never even met, there must be a reason for the reputation they have. Where are you going Angel, I'm sorry but I'm not in the mood for bashing people I don't know, you were not excused, can I be excused, yes, thank you.

.( Later that day). Dodger can you tell me why do we have such an animosity towards the people of the east, I cannot really say I never met one I was always told they where not good for us and to stay away from them, thats the thing how can we make a judgment of people only from words.(at that same time). Apple you cant do this, Ms. Hatten you are my best friend do you know why, not definitive, because we are both real with each other you never lie to me and I

never do the same to you. Do you want me to be happy, of course, and you know I'm not, I do. But what you want to do is mad going to the west you will be killed bye the savages there and if not you will be in hot water with your family, thats if I get caught. Tell me great friend how do we know if there savages if we never even met one I want to see for myself if what we think of them is true.( The next day Apple is in the west shes walking around shes wearing a hat thats only worn bye the people of the east. Angel sees her walking and runs to her and pulls her aside). Are you mad Miss you cannot wear this hat around here, may I ask why not, you are not in the east people here will have a problem with it, all for a hat, judgement is easily delivered here, sounds a lot like my home. You do not seem to be angered, no need to I am not a deliver, neither am I.

What are you doing here miss if I may ask, you already have. I have heard a lot about you people, let me guess none of it good, yes that is true, it is the same here but I am one who likes to know a person before before I make a decision on them I do not care for words, we have something in common, is this your first time in the west, yes it is, may I have the honor of showing you around my home, that would be a privilege.( As they walk around people walk bye and guys give Angel a sign and he gives the sign back). What is that sign you men give each other, its a greeting we give each other, only men do this here, mostly, it must have took you awhile to get it down as easily as you do it. It does not hurt, I was taught the sign when I was a boy and no it does not hurt, can you teach me, you want to learn the west greeting, yes very much so, why, because its different, I will teach you only on one condition, anything, you must get me an east hat of my own, it is a deal.

.( Angel keeps showing Apple his town). This place is a lot like my home the beach, the Ferris wheel, the games and activities, I thought you would like it, there is one difference, what is that, its got its own west touch, that is true may I ask you a question miss, call me Apple thats my name and yes you may, you already answered it I thought you were Apple, how do you know of me, I've seen you in the magazines and on t.v., and you did not have an opinion of me, no I was waiting to meet you to do so, what if we never met, then I wouldnt have one. Apple from the prestiges NY family the owners of the five burroughs industrial company the biggest in all of the country this is an honor, since I answered your question you must answer mine, of course, I did not get your name, it is Angel, I knew it, you know of me, only threw the same outlets that you have learned about me I always imagined what it be like to meet you, have I met your expectations, more than. Angel from the prestiges LA family the owners of tinsletown entertainment the grandest in all of the country this is a privilege.( They keep walking and talking when all of the sudden they are interrupted). Where have you been we have been looking all over for you have you forgotten about having lunch with us today, yes I did it totally slipped my mind I'm sorry. How did you girls know I was here, a family friend told us, you have someone keeping tabs on me, yes Angel you tend to get into trouble, mother is just looking out for your better interest, you mean her better interest, Angel are you going to introduce us to your friend, yes this is Apple. Apple these are my sisters Monica Venice, Cali Nia, Holly Wood, are you Apple of the NY family, yes I am, what are you doing here and what are you doing with her mom will be furious when she hears of this, come with us Angel before you get into more trouble, I will not I am not done showing Ms. Apple around our fine town, you are making a big mistake brother.( They leave).

I am sorry for my sisters actions, no need to be but I am curious why not lie and present me as someone else, because that would be saying that I am ashamed of being with you and that is far from what I am, I can see why she is in love with you, who?, your mate silly Ms. Laker. You are both an item are you not, not as you think, oh no, she comes from a prestiges family and my mother and family want me to marry her, and you do not, I do not have that feeling for her. Speaking of being an item am I mistaken you are not paired with Mr. Yankee, as you its not what you think he comes from a prestiges family it is the only reason why my father and family want me to marry him, you do not feel the same, that is true, I hope my sisters did not ruin your mood I still have much to show you, how can that happen when I'm with you.

Thank you for showing me your great home it is nothing as they say back at my home I for one never thought so, no the pleasure is mine I had a wonderful time maybe its because I'm with a wonderful woman, please stop you are making me blush. I must return the favor you must come with me back home, I would love to prove my family wrong.( There on there way to the east). I must ask you a question Angel, ask away, why is it that people talk malice and ill will of people they don't know, it is a hard question you ask of me. The only answer I can give you is that a persons pride can make them look foolish, I agree.( As they hold hands). What do you think of my home, wow there is so much to see, you are not kidding. Come how about this one does that fit you better, yes it fits just fine, you are now in the east you must wear it like this. There you go. You can be mistaken for an east person. Lets go I have much to show you, you are right this place is a lot like my home except for one thing, what is that, it has its own east style, how do you like my home, it is nothing what people in the west say it is, what do they say, it is boring and bland if it is why do I have a rush of excitement flowing threw me, I am not done yet I have one more place to show you. What do you think, it is an amazing sight, you gave me the honor of showing me such a beautiful view I had to return the favor, I do not want to sound too presumes but I never had a time like I'm having with you, if that is too forward then I am being also, tell me Apple do you have any siblings, yes I do I have three brothers there names are Times, Empire, and Coney. You know of them, only what I have heard my mother thinks I'm a saint compared to your brothers, they are a little rambixniuos but they are sweet and kind hearted, I do not doubt that. You have an incredible home Apple it is nothing as what the people in the west say it is I did not think so anyways. May I, no need for asking just tell, do you believe in love at first sight, I do but then again my own people have called me loopy and unpractical, I thought that way of the topic but I must say I might have to change that thought, thank you for walking me to my house, its the least I could do.( There about to kiss when all of the sudden they are interrupted bye her brothers). They werent lying what are you doing with him, it is not of your business, yes it is. Since you protected our sister from her foolish idea we will make sure you leave here in safe passage but do not come back to our home and do never see our sister.( The next day). I have been patient with you Apple but you have pushed me to that limit how dare you be with a person from the west and of all people a member of the LA family. You disrespect me and your family bye being seen with him. You are forbidden to see him, but father, the matter is closed do not force me to send you away because I will whatever it takes to maintain our reputation.

.( Back in the west). How can you bring me to shame Angel, how have I brought you shame, bye being with a person from the east and in spite a NY family member. You are not permitted to see her again, and if I do, you will force me to disown you, mother you would disown your own son just so you can be seen in good graces with the people you socialize with I am the one whos ashamed of you out of everyone you always taught me to make my own mind have you forgotten that, Angel where are you going we are not finished, yes we are mother, do not make me do something I'm going to hate.( A few days later). I cannot stop thinking of you, I am the same. I must see you but how, will it be hard to meet me half way, no I can do so.( Later that day in the west). Where is my son, we have no idea madam, I paid you to keep an eye on him did I not, yes madam but his no where near the east, what if there not meeting in the east, why so angered madam, because I have to hear of my sons break up threw the news.( In the east). What is wrong father, do you know where your sister is, no I do not whats wrong, I just heard that she refused the propersial of marriage from her mate I would like to know why find her do whatever it takes, of course father.( Angel and Apple meet in the middle of the country). Since we have been separated all I can see was this face, ever since we have been separated I feared that I would never see you again. I feared I wouldnt be able to do this.( As she kisses him).

My love what did I say something wrong, no I was afraid I was the only one who felt that way. You changed your mind, yes I have. I don't care what my family or people of the west think I want to be with you and if that means my disownment then let it be so you are all I care about, my love I want to spend my life with you as well I want to be the mother of your children and I'm also willing disownment if it means I can be with you but I know my family they will not stop until they find me and bring me home. What if I thought of something were we can be together, do not try anything mad, it is me you are talking of, that is why I say it.( They kiss each other and hug each other then they both go back to there homes).

This is ridiclous, its the only way. You want me to be happy right, yes but to pretend to have committed suicide is dangerous, thats why I need your help will you help me.( Back in the west). Dodger told me you where here, what is it sister that you want, it is said that Apple committed suicide, you lie, its all over the news see for yourself. Come home brother theres nothing left for you.( Days later). Why Apple why.( Then all of the sudden a cab pulls up a person comes out wearing baggy clothes with a hoodie on and as the person looks up Angel sees who it is). Apple, hush I'm suppose to be dead, I'm so happy to see you, I'm sorry I made you feel the worse it was the only way we can be together.( A car filled with Apple's brothers see what is going on but don't know its Apple). Look at him right after our sister dies he hooks up with a slut. His the reason shes dead.( They drive up and start shooting. Angel sees them and he falls straight backwards and pulls Apple down with him trying to avoid the bullets but a bullet hits Apple in the back. As Apple is laying on top of Angel). Apple my love, they say the true power of a persons love is if your willing to die for your love. I am for you.( She dies in his arms. Angel's lost is so painful that he goes to the highest building in the east and jumps of committing suicide but before he does he says). My love Apple you are my everything I cannot live without you.


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