Life in the Positive Side

by Vishalatchi Arunagiri


Confident self looking at life in a different angle.

How beautiful life is? I have been given a life to live. I have lived it to my expectations not others. I am trying to be positive here. Life as a kid was never boring. I had many friends and a lovely united family life was good. As grew older i had a better social life. I have travelled the world and seen things. I've only been to clubs and pubs once or twice. I use to smoke. I had always been born to stand out.

I grew older i became on the news for last 3 years i've been an advocate. I am also a peer support leader and its a good job and noble thing i have been doing. Lifes been good. I have my family. I have my paitents as friends and workmates.

I had also written many versions of story online and in a book. I want to travel the world. live overseas again. study hard and become a better person. I want to shop all the nices clothes. I need to watch all the lastest movies. I want to see the world.

I want give speeches everywhere in the world. I am looking for some awesome fun. Photoshoots of myself. I am looking for some awesome chances to be more famous. I want to help people. I want to help those who are sick too. Life beautiful. I am alive.

I am glade to be alive. I am glade to be here. I am glade to still lbe living.I am also happy to be single and to explore the world. I feel like going on a long vacation and taking time off just to enjoy myself and maybe go back and study. Its still my dream to get a degree.

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