by Savanah TheWriter


America is not the greatest country in the world anymore.

The imperfections of mankind, in the end, destroyed our species.

We were rude and angry and we let it out on anyone who was opposite from us.

We couldn't accept change or differences so we banished their existence in our world.

We broke laws. We shattered dreams. We crushed hope.

We filled our lungs with known cancers.

We filled our minds with brain killing poisons.

Then we allowed those same people to make the biggest decisions in our country.

We were sad.

America wasn't the greatest country in the world anymore.

We killed our own kind and punished our own blood.

We tortured souls just for the fun of it.

We praised anyone who acted out of the kindness of their heart.

We blamed other races and other religions.

We shouted "U.S.A." but we weren't united.

Races separated.

Churches separated.

Stores separated.

Friends and family separated.

Tell me, does any of this sound great to you?

Our children were accidents and we made sure they knew it.

As parents, we coached them with words such as "fat", "lazy" and "stupid".

We never showed love due to a broken society.

The majority of our citizens suffered from depression and anxiety.

We tested our bodies.

We sold our bodies.

We shames our bodies.

We harmed our bodies.

We craved pills to numb our minds.

We craved drinks to numb our skin.

We wanted to die.

Most of us didn't have the courage to take our own lives,

So when we turned on each other we weren't afraid if they pulled a trigger.

We needed bigger, better, faster and stronger and we got what we wished for.

We did things out of habit.

We became addicted.

We judged and we shamed.

We influenced.

And we the people,

Of the United States of America,

Were the destruction of ourselves.

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