Thorny Rose

by Jr.scribe


a story by;

Danny Perez.

.( Why is the rose flower the most captivating flower of them all. Its been mentioned in stories and poems. They been painted and drawn on canvasses of artists. It also has been sculptured into buildings. Why do we have such a fascination for this flower what is it that we see in this flower that we don't see in other flowers. Maybe we will never know for certain why this flower is so special than others but I do have a theory if you don't mind hearing.

I think why we have such a fascination for this flower especially us men its because we compare this flower to women. Think about it where did a rose for a rose come from for us men roses and women go hand in hand you never see a guy being given roses. When us men want to make a good impression or when we want to show our woman how much we love her whats the first batch of flowers we see when we walk into a flower shop. Roses are the ones that usually catch our eye. On Valentines day what flower do we usually give our Valentine what flower is imitiated into a chocolate. Why is it that no other flower is given the same attention. Because when us men see beauty we always compare it to something else thats also beautiful. Thats why the rose captivates our vision because we see women as a rose let me explain.

Look at all the different colors of the rose flower. The white rose is the career woman whos very smart, very motivated to do her best shes the one who says why cant a woman be as successful as a man. Shes a woman who can write a beautiful poem or a wickedly creative story as good as our pioneers of literature. Even though shes very smart, creative, successful she still loves being a woman and she takes every opportunity to be girlish her laughter, her smile, the way she has her hair done. I still don't know how men get any work done when shes around she even makes professional clothes look so sexy. She is the white rose. Then we have the pink rose thats the sweet, shy definitely cutey woman the girl next door. The woman who makes extraordinary look so easy. The woman who you can easily approach yet you still find it hard to approach her because you don't want to do or say anything silly. The woman who doesnt know why you see such a big deal in the little things that she does but if she saw what you see then she would understand. The woman whos so caring and loving shes always giving you a hug out of nowhere. Shes always telling you she loves you not for any special reason just because she does. The quiet woman whos love and beauty screams out loud. Shes the pink rose. Now we come to the most famous color of the rose the red rose. Shes the woman whos vibrant, wild, one of a kind. Shes the woman who lives her life as your only old as you feel. The woman whos very opinionated and will tell you whats on her mind. The woman who can be very stubborn but knows when to compromise when she knows shes wrong. The woman who doesnt have time for drama because shes too busy having fun. The woman who does whatever she wants and doesnt care what other people think. The woman who can make all your worries and troubles go away. The woman who throws caution to the wind and makes you do the samething. The woman with the firey personality. The beauty of her independence shows threw both her actions and her image. She is the red rose.

I'm not done with comparisons of the different color roses and different beautiful women. Theres another comparison I would like to make regarding this topic. Lets start with what we finished last. The red rose when I look at the red rose I'm reminded of the womans radiance. When you and your woman go out and she wants to make your jaw drop she wears that very sexy red dress or very seductive black dress doesnt she look radiant every time to the point you don't want to go out anymore if you know what I mean. Thats not the only time there radiance flows remember when you first saw her you never seen anything so beautiful before. You've seen beautiful women before but for some reason she captures your attention. Its her radiant self her radiance is shown threw the red rose.

When I look at the color of the pink rose I'm reminded of the womans glow when I say that I mean the glow of her skin. Just like the pink rose the womans skin tints in different shades. Like in the winter time her skin has a cocoanut tint glowing. She might not like it and she might think shes too pale but us men love it. We like to touch there skin thinking it might feel a little different because of the different tint even though theres no difference the feeling still feels great. Then when summer comes woman get a different tint. Our hearts actually beat faster when we see her outside trying to get that different tint thats when we really want to touch there skin and with that lotion all I have to say is oooo. But the tint I love most is when us men can get our woman to blush thats were the real pink tint shows. They think where doing them a favor bye making them feel good but there actually doing us the favor bye seeing there tint at its most amazing. Her glow is shown threw the pink rose. When I look at the color of the white rose I'm then reminded of the womans innocence I don't mean that as a shovenistic way what I mean is that when we look at our woman we soon let go of all the worries that hide in our head. When we see all the terrible and horrible things that are going on in the world then when you look at her innocence you see that there are good things as well in the world and shes one of them. You look at her innocence you soon see that you always want to make her happy you never want to see her cry. You always want to take care of her. You see her innocence and you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Her innocence is shown threw the white rose.

We have the scent of the rose why is it that each rose smells different when its in a different location. It can be the same color rose but smell very different from the one thats in a florist store to the one thats in front of my neighbors house. The scent is so intoxicating the intoxication reminds me of the womans favorite perfume she knows how much the scent drives you crazy that she will use it to her own advantage she might get you to do things or go places you really don't want to but its all worth it for you to have her in your arms with the scent on her. The intoxication reminds me of the womans scented hair conditioner or shampoo. I really don't care which one it is all I care is that they keep making it because I love it. Its already not fare that women put perfume on the skin that makes us men go wild but now we have the intoxication of the scented lotion yes people keep giving women ammo. Its said that the scent of a flower attracts the bees and the birds. What do you think us men our we come in different sizes. When I smell the intoxicating rose I'm reminded of the woman.

I've seen the rose in different stages of its blossoming and I cant help but be reminded of the woman. The beginning stages of the rose to me is like when as boys first starting to like girls the girl we love we soon watch her no longer be a girl and become a woman. The first stage you see the baby in her. You see no weight of stress on her. You see her before she discovers what hurt and pain is thats why shes such a cutey it cant get any better right. But it does you have the stage of the roses full blossom its an amazing sight. Thats the stage when you look at your woman and cant believe how lucky you are. Shes learned and experience more at this age but all of that has made her more beautiful. Bacteria in the form of negativity couldnt take away her beauty. Then we have the last stage were you think the rose is about to wilt away but to your surprise hasnt yet it is still beautiful. Thats the stage of what some people call getting old if there old then I hope I can look that great if I get that age. When I see these so called old women all I see is beauty its almost like if we didnt count our years you would think they have been the same age for the last twenty years. The beauty of a woman like a rose can never truly wilt away.

I've talked about the things I love about roses and women but now I have to talk about the opposite of that. The rose without a doubt captivates me but what I don't like is the thorn part of the rose you cant cut a rose with your fingers for sure and if you try you might end up getting cut for sure it will hurt. The thorns remind me of the pain I've felt in my heart when the woman tells you very hurtful things sayings that will even make a man cry. When I see the thorns it reminds me of the sadness I felt in my heart when the woman shows me she no longer loves me doing things without the concederation of another persons feelings. When I see the thorns it reminds me of the time I thought my whole world was destroyed when I saw my woman in the arms of another man. The thorns of a rose cause hard pain at first and the hurt lingers for a little bit. If you get cut you can see the blood drop falling from your hand to the ground like the hurt of a woman it feels at first you cant go on with life and after awhile you know you can but the hurt is still there with the drop of your cry coming from your eye hitting the ground.

Have you ever wondered why some roses last longer than others. Some even seem to weather away very fast. When I see that I'm reminded of the amazing looking woman I saw who puts down others to make herself feel good so I kept walking. When I see the rose all brown and dried up I'm reminded of the stunning looking woman who thinks the world revolves around her. We didnt say hi. When I see the stem only of the rose only I'm reminded of the incredible looking woman who hurts hearts because hers is hurting and she does not want it healed. We will never meet and thats a very sad thing.

They say looks are deceiving and I bare that to be true. The rose amazingly, stunningly, incredibly, looking as it is nothing that beautiful can ever turn ugly can it? Even a rose can turn black. I then remember the woman who uses the other person for her own selfish needs. I see the black rose and I remember the woman whos only concern about material wealth and money. I see the black rose and I remember the woman whos always concerned about her beauty that she hurts herself for the sake of being beautiful her main concern is the outside she never notices the beauty thats inside. Even the most astonishing looking rose can turn black. The whole time when I saw the rose given to the woman in romantic intentions. The whole time I saw the rose brightening up a room. The whole time I saw the rose turned into a chocolate. I never saw it for its real self until now. The woman is the rose and the rose is the woman. The fascination of the rose has finally been discovered not really because the rose like a woman is always changing so the fascination behind the rose will probably never be figured out then again I think its what keeps us captivated. Every rose thats sculptured into a building is created bye its own fascination. Every painting that has a rose in it. It has its own fascination to the artist vision. Every writer whos wrote about this flower either in a poem or story its description has its own fascination. All those temporary tattoos you get from the bubble gum machine the roses you see drawn from the artist fascination for the flower. The rose is such a special flower until now I didnt know why. Here you go sweetie a rose for).


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