by John I Nash

She lays upon her bed in a deep sleep, when it creeps from the shadows on all fours, headed to the bed on which she rest, doing its best not to be seen.

The walls turn a translucent black in which benevolent figures dance, muffled cries are heard but do not disturbed the latent figure on the bed.

As it crosses the floor and reaches the bed it rises from the darkness of her mind with dread. With hooded head it looks down at his quarry, in her nightmare she runs but does not move from whence she comes.

Ever so slowly removing the covers from her sleeping body he exposes her nakedness, the green fairy had long done its job and she awakens not. Hot claws run over her body affecting secret places, submitting to his to touch. She arches up seeking much.

Crawling upon her it subdues her arms, intent on harm, spreading her limbs he enters her with a hurtful thrust, to satisfy his lust, long hard shaft tearing at her body and soul, as pain and pleasure become one her legs pull it closer and deeper into her darkness.

Hands around her throat, he pounds her harder and harder growling and devouring her soul taking her to places not meant to be seen by mortal men.

In semi awakened state she now sees all and horror upon her thrust deeper yet, but she cannot resist its control over her as its weight sinks into her being.

Like none before she submits to his grasp and moves in unison seeking pain at price of pleasure that cannot be obtained by the sane.

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