by John I Nash


In the twilight, I see that I have loved you all these years and now I seem to love you more and want you nearer all the time, as to make up for all the wasted moments spent on the frivolous things in life. I think of what could have been had I given every waken moment to you my beloved. In the twilight I can see how large my love for you has been. Nothing now matters except that love for you. All my troubles are hard to see in this dim light of life. You have been my everything, the sweet smell of a rose, the sugar in my tea my light in the dark. Though the twilight I see your smile, why would I settle for less? Be by my side in the twilight we shall renew our love never gone only dimmed by life now past to leave us with only our desire and affection for one another. Walk with me in the Twilight that brightens the path through the darkness so that we may enter the light together and be one.

For Iris this day 18th day 2014 her 65 birthday.

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