The Village Fair

by Pauliolio

Twas a beautiful day in knocknatay

on the day of the village fair

with all the usual pomp and fuss

cos the mayor and his wife were there.

To announce to all to join in the fun

as soon as the fair begins

the mayor in his ceremonial chains

his wife sat swallowing gins.

As he milked the applause,he went pale because

as he looked along to his right

then his face went red,as his loving wife said

"your speech was absolute shite".

He could hardly contain or hide his disdain

by now he was purple with rage

as his wife got up for one final sup

and fell on her arse from the stage.

She staggered around and fell to the ground

no one knew quite what to do

in the daffodil bed with her lovely legs spread

and her pink frilly knickers on view.

He said "oh not again" as he counted to ten

attempting to keep some composure

but the whole village sang and the steeple bells rang

to herald the recent exposure.

As the sun had gone down all over the town

the men talked of mayors wives and drink

the ladies agreed and had to concede

she looked very pretty in pink.


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