by Chase


A Short Story Written by:

Chase Merkley

Michael runs down the hall in the hospital to Dr. Smith with his uniform on. Dr. Smith smiles and calms Michael down.

"Mr. Johnson, you can calm down. She had a girl," he says showing him the door his wife is in. Michael smiles and thanks Dr. Smith. He slowly opens the door and sees his wife, April, lying in the bed with their new born daughter. He smiles and walks to her.

"Have you met Kasey Mr. Army-man?" April asks Michael as he sits on the side of the bed. He picks up his daughter and sees her sleeping.


"Yeah, with a K," April says.

"This is amazing," he says looking at Kasey.

"I'm glad you came back to see her," April says. Michael looks at April and moves her hair from her face.

"I wouldn't have missed this for the world honey," he says looking back at Kasey.

A few years go by, and Kasey and April are home with Michael about to leave over seas again.

"I will only be gone for four months this time," Michael says outside their house with his buddy waiting in the truck.

"I'm going to miss you Michael. I know Kasey will miss you to," she says lowering her head. Michael lifts her head back up and holds her close. "I will be back before you even know it," he says before kissing her. As he walks away from her to the truck, he turns back to her and says, "Don't do anything crazy," he says smiling. She laughs and waves as he drives off into the distance.

Every night, Kasey would cry and it would make April angry because she had no help. Kasey was now three years old. The night before the second month ended without Michael there, Kasey started to cry again. April waited a few minutes and tried to sleep. It was almost two in the morning. She waited, but Kasey's cries became louder. Kasey's cries suddenly turned into screaming. April hit her bed with rage. "Stop it," she said to herself. The screaming continued. "Shut up!" She screams back at Kasey. Kasey doesn't stop. "Do you ever shut up?" April screams. April gets out of bed and walks in Kasey's room. Kasey sits up and starts to say, "Mommy, bad dream," but doesn't finish as April hits her in the head.

"There you go, I'll give you something to cry about," April says as Kasey screams in pain and fear. "Are you going to shut up Kasey?" She says holding her hand ready to hit again. Kasey stops crying.

The next day, April sees Kasey hiding from her. April walks up to her. "Kasey, I would just like to apologize for what I did last night. Mommy didn't mean to do that. I am really sorry baby, do you forgive me?" Kasey hesitates before coming out of her hide and place. She smiles and runs to her mother and hugs her. April hugs her back gives her a kiss.

The third month comes around, and Kasey has another bad dream. Instead of crying, she walks in her mom's room. She doesn't see her mom in her bed or anywhere in her room; but Kasey feels safe in her room, and gets in her bed and waits for her mother.

A car comes in the drive way. April gets out of the car and stumbles. It clearly shows that April has been drinking. She walks in the house and moans while walking to her room. When she sees her daughter in her bed, she becomes angry. "What are you doing in my bed?" She says standing at the door staring at Kasey. "I had another bad dream mommy," she says innocently. "Why are you in my bed?" She says walking towards her. "I was scared," Kasey says. April grabs her by the arm and throws her off the bed. Kasey falls on the ground and starts to cry.

"Why are you crying you little brat?" April says picking her up. "It's time to take your medicine Kasey," April says pushing her into the wall. "Since your father isn't here, I guess I have to make the punishment around here," she says grabbing a belt. Kasey cries as April beats her with the whip. Kasey screams and cries as April calls her a brat and worthless.

Michael gets off the plane and sees April waiting for him. April runs up to him to kiss and hug him. "I missed you so much," she says.

"I miss you to baby. Where is daddy's little soldier?" He asks April.

"Oh, she is in the car," she says.

"Honey, the captain said it was about ninety degrees out here. Why is she in the car?"

"She was being a little brat," she says. Michael ignores and they head to the car.

Michael gets to the car and sees April didn't roll down the window at all. "April, what is wrong with you, she could die," he says running to the car and opening the door. He takes Kasey out of the car and hugs his daughter. He holds her close and tells her that he missed her. Kasey smiles and laughs as her father tickles her. Michael lets her get in the car. He sees April already in the car. He gets in the car and looks at her. "We need to talk April about this," he says.

"Mr. Johnson, from talking with your wife these past few weeks, I think she is suffering from depression," Dr. Hanson says to Michael in his office. Michael looks behind him and sees April sitting outside the office in a chair with her head down.

"Are you saying it's my fault?" Michael says turning back around.

"When you left, she went through some hard times without you there for her. She is taking her rage out on your daughter. I'm scared for your daughter if you leave again Mr. Johnson," Dr. Hanson finishes.

During the car ride home, Michael tries to think of what to say to April. "April, are you drinking again?"


"You don't drink when I'm gone, do you? I thought we put an end to your drinking," Michael says.

"How dare you Michael! Why would you think that?"

"You have hit our child April! What am I suppose to say?" He says yelling. April says nothing and turns away from him to look out the window.

"I have to go to Washington for a few days, but I don't think I should go," Michael says.

"Honey, you can go," April says still looking out the window.

"Can I trust you not to drink and take care of my little soldier?"

"I gave birth to her Michael, she is my daughter to. I love her to death. I would never harm her," she says then stops herself. Michael doesn't say anything and continues down the highway.

Kasey runs to her father as he sets his suitcase on the ground by the door. Michael turns around and picks her up. "There's my little soldier," Michael says giving her a kiss.

"Daddy, are you going away again?" She asks. Michael looks at her and then in the corner of his eye sees her mother standing in front of him in the distance.

"Yes sweetie, but only for a few days. Then after that, I am home for good." Kasey puts her tiny hand on Michael's cheek as she asks, "Is mommy going to hurt me again daddy?" Michael lifts his arm and puts his hand to her hand. "No Kasey, she won't" he says. Michael gives her a warm and embracing hug before heading out the door one last time. Kasey stands and watches as her father shuts the door. Kasey just stares at the door hoping her father would come back.

"Kasey, come here," Kasey heard her mother say behind her. Kasey continues to stare at the door.

"Kasey, I said come here," her mother says once more. Kasey turns around slowly and looks at the person who used to be her mother.

"Are you deaf Kasey, I said COME HERE!" She screams while dropping her bottle. Her alcoholic beverage falls on the carpet. "Look what you did Kasey, you made a mess." Kasey stands there. "It's time to take your medicine Kasey," her mother says walking towards her. Kasey just stands there knowing there is nothing she could do. April walks up to her and at first stands in front of her; then squats down to her knees and stares at her daughter/victim. "Why do you make me do this Kasey?" April says with her bad breath. Kasey doesn't say anything and keeps her composure.

"What is wrong with you mommy? Are you sick?" Kasey asks. April slaps her in the face. Kasey falls to the ground. "I am not sick you little brat! Don't you ever talk back to your mother like that!" She says falling on her butt. She becomes dizzy and lies on the ground. Kasey holds her cheek where her mother slapped her as she starts to cry. April sits back up and sees her daughter on her knees trying to hold back the tears. April gives her a hug. "What's wrong honey?" She asks. Kasey doesn't say anything. "Did you fall down honey? Are you ok?" Kasey stares at her and still doesn't say anything. April tries to stand, but stumbles and falls back to her knees. She looks back and sees Kasey still staring at her.

"What are you looking at you little brat? Have you taken a bath yet?" She asks. She grabs Kasey by her hair and drags her to the bathroom. Kasey screams as April turns on the water. April turns it to hot as the water starts to fill up the bathtub. "Time to take your bath you little brat," April says sticking Kasey's head into the hot water. Kasey struggles and splashes through the water trying to breathe. April lifts her head up. Kasey cries as April laughs. "Mommy, please!" Kasey begs. "I'm not your mother," she says sticking her head back in the water. Kasey struggles once more, but while struggling, she kicks April in the face. April throws her head out the water and Kasey falls and hits the toilet with her jaw.

"How dare you! You little brat!" She says slapping her and beating her.

"Hey, welcome home Michael," Michael's dad says as Michael gets off the plane.

"It's good to be home for good now dad. Let's get me home to see my girls," he says giving his dad a hug.

As they drive up to the house, Michael and his father see an ambulance as well as three cop cars at their house. Michael's father speeds up for Michael to get out of the car. Michael runs towards the house, but is stopped by an officer.

"What's going on, I live here. That is my family. What is wrong?" Michael says to the officer. The officer calms him down.

"Mr. Johnson, I have heart-breaking news," the officer says not wanting to tell him.

"What happening? Where is April? Where is my little soldier?" He demands.

"April is fine sir, but she was put under arrest," he tells him.

"What? What is going on?" The officer puts his head down. "It's your daughter Mr. Johnson. She's gone," is all he could say. Michael pauses before putting his hand over his mouth. He runs in the house screaming, "Kasey! Where's my little soldier? Come to daddy sweet heart; daddies home," he says hoping this is all a dream. He then sees her body covered with a white fabric. He falls to his knees, and without hesitation, begins to weep.

After Michael buries his daughter, he gets a call from Dr. Hanson.

"Mr. Johnson, there is something very strange about your wife," he tells Michael.

"You already told me that she was dealing with depression," Michael says.

"Yes, that is part of it; but there is something more interesting. You see, with you gone all the time, she really had no one to talk to. It turns out that she would talk to herself constantly. Usually when a person begins to talk to themselves for nonstop, they become to grow another personality in which in April's case, she did."

"I'm confused Doc, are you saying my wife is crazy?" Dr. Hanson laughs a little, but then stops as Michael doesn't think it is not that funny.

"Your wife has a split personality Mr. Johnson, one is her and the other is evil and rage. The alcohol really brings out the other person, and depression is what made her start to drink. You wife did not kill her, her other personality did. I know it sounds dumb, but this is all I could tell you. She doesn't remember anything that has happened Mr. Johnson. She thinks she came in for a check-up. I'm sorry to tell you that she doesn't even remember having Kasey. You are now home, am I right Mr. Johnson?"

"Yes, I was hoping to come home to a welcome home party, but I came home to bury my daughter."

"Well, I am really sorry to hear about that; but since you are home now, I want April to go home with you and hopefully this split personality that she has created can deteriorate and be vanished forever," Dr. Hanson says. Michael agrees as he gets up to walk out of the door. He stops and tears up thinking of his little soldier. Dr. Hanson puts his hand on his shoulder standing behind him. "You need to deal with the pain Mr. Johnson. I lost my boy when he was eight years old to cancer. The pain makes you stronger in life. Trust me Mr. Johnson, this can kill you or this can teach you."

Michael gets in bed and sees his wife brushing her hair as like nothing has happened the past few days.

"Are you coming to bed soon honey?" Michael asks.

"Be right there," she says. She runs in and lies in bed with him. "Michael?"

"Yeah, what is it April?" He says looking at her.

"What do you think about children?" She says. Michael says nothing and looks up at the ceiling. "If we do consider having a child, what do you think of having a girl?" She asks again. Michael begins to tear up and turns over so she doesn't see his face.

Michael wakes up from a bad dream and turns over to see April but finds her not in the bed anymore. He quickly sits up and turns on the lamp. He hears her in the bathroom. He gets out of the bed and walks to the bathroom door.

"April, are you ok in there?"

"You are not crazy April, they are crazy," Michael hears her saying to herself.

"Honey?" Michael says. The door opens and Michael falls to the ground with a bullet in his knee. Michael screams as April walks out of the bathroom dropping the handgun.

"Mommy, can I have some cookies? No! No! Go away! Leave me alone you little brat! I am not your mother! She thought I was her mother. Don't you find that funny? She killed herself, she was the one crazy," April says following and watching her husband crawl down the hall.

"April!" Michael screams.

"Get out of my bed you little brat!" She says picking up Michael's baseball bat. She swings towards Michael's head, but Michael puts his hands in front of his face. The metal bat breaks his hand and breaks two of his fingers on his other hand. He screams and continues to crawls. "You need to take your medicine," April says smiling swinging the bat at his legs. He screams and sits up to try to stop her, but falls back down to his leg breaking and his ankle shattering. "You've been a bad boy Michael, time to suffer the consequences," she says.

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