A Life of Wedded Bliss

by Pauliolio

A life of wedded bliss.

Will u marry me,her suitor asked

upon a bended knee,

Will u take the pledge,forsake all

others,spend your life with me

If you do, i,ll promise happiness,

and seal it with a kiss,

As we settle down and contemplate

a lifetime,s wedded bliss.

I,ll work my fingers to the bone,

providing all for you,

And leave you sitting home alone,

with bugger all to do.

I,LL meet the lads when work is done,

At midnight i,ll be in,

To find you fast asleep in bed,

my dinner in the bin.

I,ll tip toe gently up the stairs,

with thoughts of carnal lust,

While you pretend youre fast asleep,

which leads me to mistrust.

Youre having an affair, i think,

youre cheating on your man,

While your loving husband takes to drink,

providing all he can.

In the morning all is well again,

all smiles and tea and toast,

As we ignore the failings of,

the ones we love the most.

All together Ahhhhhhhhh.

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