See Me

by Sonia Cheug

See me like the apparition on your wall , faded into the background .

See me flying in the sky , in and out through the fluffy white clouds .

See me sitting on a picnic table , with my legs crossed , as I bite my finger nails .

See me like the hair dryer that blows out hot and cold air .

See me wondering through the hussble bussle of Shanghai life , as I listen to my music .

See me like the strings on your guitar being played .

See me jump up and down , like a young girl on a trampoline .

See me smoke my way upto the roof .

See me like a rope , being pulled back and forth in a tug of war .

See me as I look at the board puzzled .

See me walk into a room and forget why I went there .

See me like the window being open and closed .

See me march up and down reciting my lines , like an obediant soldier .

See me like the carpet on your floore , being laid out to welcome you .

See me , just see me .

The End

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