Texas Thunderstorm


I was all but blinded by the glaring sun. So after a slow walk through a field I fell down exhausted under an overpowering 150 year old oak tree. Squinting I leaned back and looked up in awe at it's gnarled spreading branches. A warm feeling came over me.

Suddenly I felt I was being enveloped by it's protective arms. The massive tree stood it's vigil watch in the middle of a field littered with bloomong flowers of every color GOD created. It had emerald green grass and the ever changing colors of the wildflowers. A setting as beautiful as a picture. I wanted to kick off my shoes and run through it knowing somehow there would be no stickers.

A sudden change in the movement of the grass caught my eye as a rush of cool wind blew past me. Looking up at the thunderous clouds that had started brewing. Moving faster every second the rumbling clouds began to smother the once warm May sun. Lighting flashes took turns with the deafining claps of thunder. I suddenly relized the birds had ceased their chirping. It seemed as if the grass was trying to hide from the wind.

As the musty smell of rain hit my nostrils I felt cool drops hitting my arms. The speed of the raindrops increased as well as their size. Watching the change around me I decided to run for cover. Suddenly a large branch snapped off. I looked up and the trees branches were cracking at the force of the wind. Invading the serenity and my sense of safety. Shivering I raced to the heavely treed gorest. Hoping the towering trees would be my shelter from this raging storm. Nestled under the trees I waited for the storm to pass.

Fibally just a few drops could be heard dropping off the leaves hitting the earth below. Somewhere deep in the forest a bird started chirping and was joined by others. As the moody clouds cleared I welcomed the Sun as it winked at me through the leaves. Smiling, I wimked back and headed home.

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