Beauty as I See It

by Grace Anne Gibson

What is beauty?

Is it the tear from a mother's eye?

Or the smile of a child's laughter?

Is it the gentle swaying of the ocean's breeze?

Or the lukewarm pleasure of the sunshine's beating?

What is happiness?

Is it the twinkling of a little music box?

Or the singsong of a newly wed bird?

Is it the kiss of an older brother?

Or the joy of a grandma's pride?

Why not does the world see these things?

Why must they search for beauty... search for happiness,

When it lies on a neighbor's face.

Is love a picnic in the yard with your family?

Or a walk on the beach with your dad?

Is radiance a tangible thing?

Or the wink from a passerby?

Is beauty a word?

A feeling?

A thought?

When will the world finally see?

Oh when will they finally see?

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