p.s. I Love You a Letter to a Friend

by Terrice Danielle Williams




BY: Terrice Danielle Williams

Danny was Monique's best friend, and though she knew of the feelings Danny had harbored for her she had always pushed it to the side. But tonight was different this could be the last time she would be able to see her friend again. She had always appreciated the way Danny was always there. And what better gift to give she thought than her self. It was what Danny had always wanted and maybe she thought subconsciously what she had wanted herself.

She took all the "necessary" precautions she straightened then curled her long black her, blue-green eye-shadow glowed upon her dark mocha skin, but was over powered by a surmountable amount of lip gloss. The out fit had to be perfect. "No...No...No!" she shouted as she perused through her closet time was getting tight so she grabbed the BLACK dress that Danny had once given her an looked in the mirror and once she was finished obsessing she obsessed some more. How was she to seduce Danny? Though the feelings Danny had for her where clear to get pass the friendship they had was theory for them both.

"Knock knock" They're here Monique thought. She caught her composure and went to the door slowly as if on the other side was the grim reaper. When she opened the door there she (Danny) was. She stood over Monique a good foot with her hands in her pockets. Danny had also took the necessary precautions but instead of the black dress she opted for the black blue suit jacket t-shirt and sneakers and instead of curling her hair she spiked her bangs and put the rest in a pony tail.

Silence was abroad as both took time to inspect the other. Danny's skin seemed to glow to Monique and Monique's figure seemed to be the work of a dream or fantasy to Danny, as she searched for the words that had always escaped her in the past. Danny was always afraid to speak around Monique mostly because she was afraid that Hello would come out as a confession of love. "Hi" they both said in unison. You look nice...good...pretty...I mean you look perfect" Danny said stumbling through every word. "Thank you" Monique replied trying to pull herself from the daze in Danny's eyes.

"Nice shoes" Monique said sarcastically desperately trying to break the ice. "What ever" Danny said with a smile "you know I look good!".

"So lets go" Danny proposed. They left in Danny's car. Her car resembled her on the inside out. It was a smooth black caviler and nice on the outside but on the inside it was a mess. Gel over here pencils everywhere sketch pads over there, and when you turned on the car your ears where usually met by a loud rock invasion which she called the sound track of her life. But tonight was different she had cleaned the car and when she turned on the car your ears where soothed by a mix tape that she had specially made for the night.

They arrived at the old school they both used to go to which had a walking trail around a creek. Which was dangerous at night if you where alone but a beautiful site to see if you where with someone special.

They had walked down this trail before but tonight meant so much more. With both of there hearts and minds racing this was surely different. Monique's mind raced with anxiety as she thought "what the hell am I doing here I'm not gay what am I thinking I have a boy friend. But Danny is sweet." Danny couldn't think she could only feel the courage build inside of her as she let 7 years go by without saying a word and this was her chance.

"I love you!" Danny yelled. It was like 5 years of tension left her body. I always have. You are a calm in a room full of noise. "And I have listened while 7 years while you talked about guys when I know I love you way more than they ever could. I know I love you cause every morning I wake up and am extremely happy cause I just dreamed of you or just happy some times cause I know your alive cause you give me faith. Cause when I look at you I know God is real cause you couldn't be the result of a bunch of random coincidences but that God had to make you special and perfect the way you are. Sighing and taking her last breath she looked at Monique and time surely froze as she grabbed Monique and stole the kiss that had been locked away for seasons."

Monique was at a loss for words as she stood with her mouth still pursed from the kiss. Danny's head dropped as she felt all the courage she had mustard leave her body again her eyes began to tear and she dropped to her knees, then suddenly arose again and walked away. As she walked away she felt the touch of Monique's hand Monique grabbed her and returned her kiss of seasons with an impulse reaction. "I'm sorry Monique proclaimed. I'm not gay!...I have a boyfriend...I don't even know why I'm here or why I was gonna try...!". "Try to do what" Danny asked trying her hardest not to cry with her self proclaimed strong face on. "Why I was gonna try to give my self to you! Racking my brain trying to figure out how I could want to do this tonight. I don't want you to leave I love you so if you want me have me!"

"No" Danny whispered "no don't do me any favors and if your not gay well I don't see the point in me being gay anymore cause any girl would be second to the love I feel for you." Every breath from then on was taken as her last. I'm sorry Danny said. She could see the pain and guilt in Monique's eyes.

They sat on a bench. Danny couldn't help but to comfort Monique it was second nature. As Danny sat with her arm around Monique Danny's problems disappeared to better comfort Monique and Monique's anxiety disappeared as she remembered why she wanted the night to happen. This would be the last night she had to sample the Danny's skin and love Danny physically as Danny had loved her emotionally.

Silence filled the air as they both realized the mortality of it all and how it must end to better serve their hearts. I know what we could do! Danny yelled. What? Monique whispered. Stop time but only for us we could move but the night stay the same we could grow old in this moment but when we started time back we go back to our original age. As childish as it was for her to say it fit and it would be the only thing that could ever sustain their happiness Monique looked at Danny and for the first time she had saw what Danny had always wanted her to see that she loved her more than anyone in this world she grabbed Danny and shared the love that Danny had for held for her forever.

When Monique awoke she was alone there was no Danny. Had it all been a dream? Was she not pleasing? All these questions and more invaded her head and when she had gone through all the horrible explanations possible she buried her head in her pillow stretched her arms out and found it (the letter). While Monique was asleep Danny couldn't sleep she lyed awake looking at Monique and then when she realized it would soon be over wrote her the words that she would not be able to speak had she have to say it to Monique.

Morning. Last night was a dream it was everything I wanted and more. I stopped time for you and we where happy in our world. You're my soul mate. I will miss you. Just remember me and remember last night. Be happy with your boy friend get married and have kids I'll be the godmother. Don't worry I'll be ok you can't choose who you love but you can choose how you love and I'm gonna love you the way I know you'll be happiest. I can't tell you anything that I haven't already said to you last night. I'm just happy to have ever had you in my life and to know your real and not just a fantasy. I know people say you're not supposed to say good bye but it fits now good bye to the dream of last night and good morning to the reality of this morning. So goodbye.



P.S I love you.

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