Alford Was Here

by Jerry V.

The BW Simpleton newspaper carried Johnny's brother Leny's case every day - making sure they spelled Johnny's last name correctly:

"The Appeals Court denied Sanque's appeal and he will have to serve his ten to twenty year sentence. Sanque has a brother teaching in "Still Mountains" not very far from our beautiful city of Burywater. Leny One N pleaded the Alford doctrine which is a contention that though Sanque thinks he is innocent, he believes in his heart of hearts that a jury of his peers will find him guilty due to his previous record.

The reporters Patrick Madden and Editor Ambrose Hungerford thought it was only fair to list Sanque's previous record: convicted when seventeen years old of armed robbery after his unsuccessful attempt at a Bookie's smokeshop in midtown and sentenced to the Lepke Reformatory for three and a half years. Four years after his release he robbed a safe of much dough from the Boland Bakery and was sentenced to twenty-four months to the Tobacco Country State Penitentiary and a decade later to the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary to do four years with the likes of Jimmy Hoffa for hijacking trucks and two more years Sanque owed New York State doing almost a year at Attica, a year or so after our brave law enforcement agents killed twenty of the bad guys and two or three of their own, and lastly Sanque did an additional year at Valhalla after he was transferred from Attica. None of the money from the three Sanque bank robberies in this area was ever recovered ...."

All that information would find itself in Johnny's teacher files - just in case birds of a feather did fly together. End 9-18-07

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