The Sword and Dragon : He Wore Grace/with Scabbed Wings

by Danith

Hours later, Atisiel and Eranel cross the bridge from Aneliath at the head of a grand army to relieve the forces of The Gate Of Heaven. The Battle upon the Ologren mountains is turned in Heavens favor as Herond, Rocian and Ren fight Gerandir into retreat, and as his forces regroup, Atisiel and Eranel arrive at the Tower of Herond, Eranel stays and Atisiel emerges leading their army down through the shattered gates and into the plains. There is a bloody battle but Gerandir and his army are no match for Atisiel who easily cuts through The Terrors' ranks and reaches Gerandirs' personal guard. He hacks the guards to pieces and as he approaches Gerandir, the Lord Of Terror throws down his sword and flees in fear. Atisiel lifts himself into the air with a great flap of his wings and dives upon Gerandir. As he falls Atisiel rams his broadsword through Gerandirs face and slashes him dozens of times until there is nothing left of the great demon known as Gerandir but a mutilated carcass. Atisiel emerges innocently from the battlefield covered in blood and gore, dragging his sword alongside him. And at his back, from one of his four great white wings, a feather falls and dances away in the breeze that carried the scent of a fresh massacre.

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