The Fall of Indian Cricket

by Kautuk Srivastava

The elections of the sporting world,

Were drawing near,

And who would come into power,

Was still very unclear.

All the parties began their campaigns,

But truly there were only two contenders,

A tough fight between football and cricket,

Forcing all other parties to unwillingly surrender.

For decades together,

Cricket had enjoyed majority,

Even thinking of challenging it,

Seemed a certain impossibility.

However today the tables had turned,

It was a totally different situation,

With cricket on the slump,

Football was looking to rule the nation.

It was the last six months,

In which cricket had wavered,

A series of unfortunate events,

Had brought football to be favored.

The cricket high command had changed,

And initially there was success,

But hardly had time elapsed,

When the problems began to surface.

The party leader, Sourav Ganguly,

Had been unceremoniously banished,

It was for not following party ideology,

That he had been harshly punished.

His departure brought to the front,

Rahul Dravid, known as the wall,

Who did, ironically and sadly mark,

Indian Cricket Party's dramatic fall.

Then another fact came to light,

A rift was occurring in the team,

The seniors and juniors could not see eye to eye,

The party was crumbling or so it seemed.

The former party leader was recalled,

After a string of unsuccessful campaigns,

He did uplift the party greatly,

Although Dravid still held the reigns.

It was only after the great debacle,

That the party did on the world stage,

That football launched a final assault,

Riding on the people's uninhibited rage.

They soon propounded their cause,

And said," what lies there in cricket?

For just a look at the yonder team,

And one knows they lack team spirit!

They are divided and individual,

Who have brought shame to the nation,

It is well and truly in your hands,

To vote correctly to correct the situation.

Agreed, football too doesn't win all matches,

But at least we don't play with your sentiments,

By taking pots of money and raising expectations,

By doing these rather silly advertisements!

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