The 1st Colonel Williams Police Excellency Award

by Kautuk Srivastava

In the year 1908,

A year before the colonel died,

He set up the trophy,

So that his memory would survive,

The competition was tough,

But the rules were simple,

Police squads from all over the

World were called,

To be tested mental and physical,

The police squads would be brought,

Deep into Africa's forests,

Where a leopard should be set free,

Which they had to detect,

And so on the 1st of august,

The competition did begin,

People watched anxiously,

To see who would win,

The leopard leapt into the jungle,

As soon as it was set free,

To catch it went the Americans,

With all their technology,

And when they returned,

With the leopard apprehended,

The stopwatch showed,

That 3 minutes had ended,

There was a brief pause,

As the Japanese cameras were installed,

To catch the leopard,

And prevent being mauled,

As the leopard leapt into the jungle,

The Japanese calmly strolled,

And in under 2 minutes,

The leopard was under control,

Then the organizers asked,

"Is the Indian police ready?"

The drunk inspector slurred,

"yes we are all ready and steady."

As the leopard was released,

it leapt into the forest,

With the Indian police trundling behind it,

Ready to make the arrest,

Seconds turned to minutes,

And minutes turned to hours,

They hadn't returned,

When the sun went down

And up came the stars,

Its become dark,

I fear the worst,

Lets bring them back,

Lest they be hurt,

So to bring them back,

A search party was launched,

They returned soon,

As the search didn't last long,

They had hardly gone a 100 meters,

When they saw a light in the dark,

Their fears grew,

As they heard a whip crack,

With fear and apprehension,

Further they walked,

But what they saw,

Left them shocked,

The inspector was sleeping,

With mouth open wide,

The candle was reduced to stump,

While burning at his side,

Meanwhile the hawaldar,

Had hung a donkey upside down from a tree,

He said, "Bol tu leopard hai,

And ill set you free."

Then he whipped the donkey hard,

Hoping it would say,

That it was a leopard,

But all the donkey could do was-


So shocked the organizers were,

That they couldn't say a thing,

Then finally someone got an idea,

And the police inefficiency award

came into being!

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