Couple of Whores

by Arshavir Nazarian


I don't think she is a bad girl at all as most of the people say. In the contrary, I think she is nice and has a remarkable unique character. Her name is Araksie but she changed it to Poleta to get more characteristic of a professional whore. You see from first step she thought reasonably; nobody wants to have sex with a girl name Araksie, sounds like a girl from country side, but once you pronounce Poleta then you want to meet her as soon as possible.

Poleta had become famous for her romantic, exotic sexual services she could offer. Almost every guy in 4th street and beyond knew her and met her for at least couple of times. Her first flour partly-dark apartment was a quiet familiar place for week-end drunken gentlemen had problem with their wives or people got fired from job and need a rest place to forget unfair acts of life for a while.

All of poleta's customers admired her body's beauty. Young guys hardly forget her legs softness, her chest strength and her hot kisses. Her social contacts flexibility is remarkable. She can drink all day long like shark with her worshipers and go according their desire as many time they want without any complain or irritation. She is always on your side. In bed she is like wild animal, she just wants more and more and cheers up the gentlemen's strength to do harder and harder and admire all good jobs. Every body satisfied from her service and lives her apartment with wide open mouth.

I and couple of other single friends who had extra energetic passion in our young vessels were crazy lovers of Poleta and went to her place and drank from her pleasant, hot sexual wine as much as our pocket money could buy.

How ever not every body adored Poleta like we did; being a whore in an Armenian community surrounded with Moslem neighbors is like keeping snakes in your pocket. It is like a pagan in saints club; a curse, an unforgiving sinner, a disease like plague. There were many angry women and young ladies in neighborhood against Poleta who wanted to see her death because of her effect on their husbands and boyfriends. They tried many, many tricks to get rid of Poleta from 4th street. They asked her land lord to evict her from the building several times. In correspond they would find a decent family for apartment with more monthly rent. Even though the land lord was a thirsty blood sucker of any source of money but he always rejected angry opponents' requests because he also was one of Poleta's hungry fans.

My estimation tells me that Poleta hooked with whorish life style almost at the same time I quite playing soccer in streets and sandy yards and decided to get some degree in music field. Since I jumped to boyhood and saw more hair appearance all around my body I was one of loyal lovers of Poleta. She was always kind to me. Like other customer who suppose to call her several time until got visitation turn, she never put me on hold when I needed her. She always gave me good passionate service, even if I was short of money. Obviously she cared about me and for couple of times she didn't even charged this new music teacher. She didn't just care about my physical desires, but she treaded me like a good frind of her. When ever I visited her, first she turned off the telephone ringer to get rid of other customers' calls. My friends told me she never did so when they go there. Any time I slept with her, she introduced and thought me a new style of sex and made such a passionate love with me that even herself got orgasm and I lost plenty of weight.

She always spent extra time to talk to me about any problems a guy like me could have at beginning of life's first steps. Seam to me, she knew every thing and any thing about men. She knows men's strong and weak points. She knows exactly what a man need and how a woman could participate in their desires to make them fulfilled. She could make a man powerful like a king or drop him down like piece of junk.

Being many years with Hasmik as her early boy friend and recent fianc, we never had a clear conversation about any subject we approached for lack of unknown reason. Hasmik like every other girl is a mountain of expectations. Regardless her extraordinary beauty and educated mind, I don't know how I am suppose to accomplish her endless desires as her future husband.

Poleta is different, during our chats we always had in regular visitations, she comforted me like a cool soul counselor. She gave me lots of information about girls and thought me how correctly behave with my fianc. She doesn't care about material world and has simple, beautiful ideas about life. She always encouraged me and gave me extra energy to do something that I wouldn't approach without remembering her whispering inspiring voice in my ear.

The winter of 1979 became a total disaster for whole country. Heavy snow covered every where and cold weather frizzed any thing from movement. A stupid idea of Islamic revolution spread in entire country and after several strikes and people's demonstration in streets plus lots of shouting and deaths; all of a sudden some empty headed Islamic fundamentalist like hungry hyenas from no where took over the government and start to change everything on their way from the very first sketch. Gas prices got high as sky cracks, even though beneath of this land is ocean of oil; and unemployment became a tremendous issue. From the very beginning of their chaotic reign, those bastards attacked to the root of every historical and traditional aspects of life which gave majestic identity to Iranians for many centuries. All jobs related to art and glory got under attack and shout down. Violation spread all around Iran's cities and idiots get important governmental statues.

As a music teacher I lost my job and almost my identity. In such a bad situation I failed to accomplish my promise to Hasmik regarding our marriage in Christmas. Day by day she lost her confidence and our relationship became colder and colder. Likewise Hasmik, her family was angry with me and I had some hard times from her father. In such a condition the only place that I would like to rest and get some calm, peaceful treatment was Poleta's home; but I couldn't go there, her life was in danger too. They arrested her and after inquisition and giving some hard times regarding her income source and life style; they couldn't accuse her for in public adultery and let her temporary free. If they could accuse her for such gilt, she had to be executed stoned to death in public. Later she told me that the old retired general of army who used to meet her, saved her life; but I agree with Jesus that nobody was sinless enough to throw the first stone.

To keep her life far from danger, she disconnected her telephone and dismissed last few customers who still had the gust to nock her apartment door. Later she isolated herself and stayed away from public's eyes. I couldn't bare Poleta's absence any more. Hadn't seen her for one month, I really missed her. Finally I took the risk and went to her place at one of late cold night of winter.

She accepted me with open arms and juicy kisses. She had been missing me too. Our meeting gave peace and rest and strength to both of us needed for long time. During those cold days Poleta's home was a warm peaceful host for a broken hearted flutist like me. She spent all her time for me and took care of me. Even it was very risky for her but she let me stay most of the times with her.

In the heart of cold winter's nights, under light of candles, I played slow romantic flute pieces for her; we drank wine together and talking to each other until down. We talked a lot, talking about every thing; and once her blue happy sky got cloudy-dark and rainy and she started to cry in my arms, crying like hell, crying repentance.

After months of stress and pressure, with the help of retired old general of army and Poleta's cash savings we got the required fake documents and escaped out of the country.

Now I and Araksie are living together in a foreign country far beyond and have a beautiful two years old daughter by our side. We still miss our native land but getting adapted with new atmosphere and living in peace, harmony and simplicity made miraculous changes.

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