The Prayer

by Michelle

I recall a day on a bench in a park watching my children play

as long as I live I'll never forgetwhat happened to me that day

my man and I had a fight so I went out to clear my head

Trying to forget all those hateful words

that both of us had said

As I sat there I wondered when I get home what I would say

A sad and lonely woman sat next to me and she began to pray

She prayed Lord please take care of my children

I don't know what else to do

My husband is gone and as you know he's now living with you

We had it all when he was here, but now its all gone

The white picket fence the fancy car and the pool in the backyard

Back then I didn't fret about if food would be put on the table

I knew he would take care of things

he was always ready willing and able

With a smile he never complained

I want so much to forget that horrible morning

When he left for work that forever changed our lives

The day I found out how much pain can be caused

when a drunk drives

now I don't know from day to day

where we will lay our heads

all I can think about are my children

and how they will be fed

She prayed I need your help now more lord than ever before

And I know there are people out there

that need your help more

But I'm not sure what to do know

I'm at the end of my rope

Is there anyone out there lord you can send me

that can give me some hope

Please lord hear my plea

A tear ran down my face

as I heard this ladies cries

I put myself in her shoes

And came to realize

All my problems were so small

looking through her eyes

I knew what I had to do

there was no doubt

I had to do everything in my power

to help this poor soul out

I pulled out of my purse some cash and a deed

To say anymore there was no need

I left her with a prayer with all of my might

And I never slept more peaceful

than I slept that night

Michelle Rygula 2007 (all rights reserved)

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