A Nice Stroll Home

by Alice Kyyu

I had just left school the day went by fast probably because we had a half day but anyway I went down the road for a nice pleasent stroll through the newly devoloped park that was in nagashiki the park in this dull town but even if it was dull it had its perks and I walk past a building then I take a few steps backwords and look into the window and see a soup Kitchen for the homeless and poor to enjoy atleast one meal once and a while I smiled at them and they smiled back even knowing they had it pretty bad in this town but then I start moving forward to keep my mind on the right track of thought and that was the fact of the need to see the new park because I haven't been there just yet and i always wondered what it looked like as I step onto the freshly cut grass and look towards the park I feel relaxed in thought of how beautiful this park is considering it used to be a plant in a previous life and nobody had wanted to own the land for a while now until the mayor finally decided to do somthing about the abandoned plant and I couldn't be any happier about the result the flowers are in full bloom the lillies next to the roses bloomed gracefully as I watched them then I realised what time it was then started to look back as I had a tear in my eye due to the beauty of what I had just witnessed but I started to walk left

the way to my house however it started to grow dark as I walked closer to my house the night lamps started to ignite as the road started feeling longer then normal as I thought to myself "Did I get lost?... No impossible I have been on this road before" my thoughts are disturbed as I said aloud "Road? where is it I must have been distracted.. I turn around fastly to see behind me there is no road either only trees as I reluctantly think aloud "How could I have gotten this far off the road" I start walking back but at a faster pace as I pass the now well-lit park and think its even more prettier in the dark but my thoughts are distubed once again as I feel a tap on my shoulder and a whispering voice said "are you lost?"

the voice sounded calming and feminine so I turned around to see a girl not that much younger then I but even so I did have to admit I was lost so I had said "yes I am lost however I do not know how considering I was just on my way home" she interuped me as I was rambling on "OK I think if you go back to where you came and then back here things may look different and you will find your way home" as I look at the girl she smiles and I nod in agreement and start heading to my school as I think to myself "what time is it" but all I could think was that it was very late and my parents are probably worried so I back track and make it back to my school and started to read the sign "Yokomo High" then I see doodled markings as if a kindergarden kid tried to play a prank, below it as I spot the markings I bend over a little bit to attempt to read the sign "The Sc..h..ool of D..e..." the rest faded away as it starts to rain so I started to walk back to the park like the girl mentioned as I make it back I look at the tree in astonishment as what she had claimed was true it truely did change but not in a good way the leaves are now red and I think it maybe dripping somekind of red ooze but I didn't question it and started to head home and to my luck I made it home to find the Cops questioning my mother and father I asked them what was going on but I got no response and it felt as if they didn't know I was even there but even so I just went to the family room and sat down next to the T.V. and a news report came on stating a Male and a Female about the same age as me and the girl turned on and all I heard in my head was laughter by the girl and that sweet smile was the last thing I had seen but atleast I made it home?

                                      DEAD END

                                                                 By Kyyrux

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