The Spinless Dog

by Sonia Cheug

Mongo was a gorgeous , golden labrador dog .

He was sponatnious , wild and had bags full of enthusiasm .

His hair was soft and shiny .

Children played with him , parents trusted him and all his friends worshipped the ground he walked on .

Now Mongo's owner , however .

Was a bitter old man , who went by the name of Mr Paul .

Mr Paul was a short and chubby man .

He had a receding greyey/black hairline and a very unattractive goatie .

He wore tattered old , blue slippers , a tee shirt that was too small for him and a pair of ugly , out of fashion jeans .

Mr Paul was disliked by everyone . Yet his close neighbours still felt sorry for him .

He was a loner and if it wasnt for his beloved , loyal dog , Mongo .

He would die alone .

Realising he had no one around , who loved or cared about him .

One day an elderly woman , moved into the empty house next door .

Mongo grew very fond of her and would often venture over to her place .

They would go for long walks , play frisbee on the beach or in the garden and talk on her porch .

Mr Paul grew very envious , over their close relationship and ordered mongo to never see her or talk to her again .

Till this very day .

Mongo always regretted the way he treated her and left her confused , with her unanswered questions .

He remained loyal to to the bitter old Mr Paul and remained shut in doors .

Howling in his own guilt and shame and crying like a lost puppy .

Mongo forever wished , he could see her again and explain how sorry he was , about the way he treated her .

Regretting the fact he never spoke up for himself then and there .

He remained a spinless dog , from that point on .

Leaving his cute , little tail to dangle , between his legs .

The End

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