Temperance and Balance

by Geoff Foden

Isn't it strange how joy

Can go arm in arm with sorrow?

All bitterness today but

Who can say, what will be tomorrow?

My brother died just yesterday

Or at least that's how it seems

After years of painful searching

Was she the woman of my dreams?

If there are no winters

Then there will never be a sun

The joy in having all is

Heightened by the pain in having none

My father is slowly dying

The days left are too few

And now I come to realise

We're similar in what we do

I always fall in love with beauty

And then I'll recognise

That a rose without thorns

Isn't worth my life

People say I'm clever

So then how can't I explain

Why I make the same mistakes

And magnify the pain

The past can be a magnet

When it stops you moving on

So try to live the present

Before your chance has gone

Man is never able

To discover or then explore

Any distant lands

Until he leaves his closest shore.

Geoff Foden 25/01/95

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