Prom Nightmares

by Angela Smith

This is just a small sample of what I am writing. I am hoping that people will read this and give me some feedback which will let me know to either continue on with this story or to try another story line. Thank you ahead of time to all who read this and who help me on this journey.

I wake up screaming. Sweat dripping off my nose. Chills run up my back. I realize that I'm alive. I realize that it was just a nightmare. I've been having this same nightmare every night for the last two weeks. Ever since the announcement came over the loud speaker in history class. The announcement told the students of Blakemore High that the date for the prom was April 30th.

It's only September 13th and most of the girls at school have already begun having stress attacks over what they were going to wear and which guy they would like to go with.

In my nightmares, I'm getting ready for the prom. I've fixed my hair, had my nails done, got my teeth whitened and picked up my dress from the shop. Everything is going well. I'm ready to leave now, but he's not here. Where could he be? What's keeping him? Those are the thoughts that keep running through my mind.

Mom takes advantage of the extra time and proceeds to take more and more pictures. Fussing over how much I've grown up and she can't believe that her little baby is going to the prom. My worry grows stronger.

Okay, enough already. I think to myself. I've had enough of the photo shoot and I sit down on the couch, next to my dad and little brother. I'm trying to remain calm.

Fifteen more minutes go by and he still has yet to arrive. The phone rings. It's not him. I practically bite my moms head off, poor thing. I yell for her to hang up, that he may be trying to call. Another ten minutes goes by.

Finally, a knock at the door. It's him! He does not look happy. Something is wrong. He asks me to come outside and than he tells me that he can't go. He says that he's sorry, but he'll explain later. And at that point, I wake up screaming. I can remember what my nightmare was about, but for some reason, my dates face is always a bit of a blur.

I know that it was just a nightmare. But for a teenage girl, those types of visions can mean a lot. Do they ever come true? Some would say yes. Others would say no. And few would say It's all in your head. But what would you say, if it had happened to you? How would you feel?

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