The Call Centre

by Sonia Cheug

Talk , talk , talk .

Listening , reading and feeling .

Helping those who need you .

There is ...

A young man my age , who sits next to me . Kind and peaceful like a big giant

whale .Swimming free in the open ocean .

Confused , depressed and lost . He struggles within himself to not feel and to be free within himself . His laughter is wonderful and contagious and brings so much sunshine to our lives.

A young beautiful nineteen year old girl . Innocent , smart and holds a golden heart . She faces an brilliant unknown future and compares herself to the grown ups

around her . Her smile is warm and true like the sun .

A twenty three year old girl . Popular , funny and outgoing . She laughs like there is no tomorrow and sings from her heart and voice .

A twenty one year old boy . The baby boy . Young , handsome and a rogue . He is the loveable rebellion . The heart braker and lives his youth to the fullest .

A budding guitarist of twenty seven . Fantastic in every way ! Enthusiastic , passionate and a joker . He comes in every evenings , ready for a new challenge .

A woman who leads us . Larger than life , she is ! Bright , colourful unbelievably compassionate . She is the driving force of enthusiasm and kindness .

There are many other heroes , unknown to themselves .

And a girl who is eager to reach her destiny and find out what her purpose in life is .

She is the girl who longs to discover herself .

She is the girl who writes this story .....

The End .

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