The Day He Left Me

by Sonia Cheug

Food has lost his taste.

Rubbish is wasting away , in a corner of used scraps .

Water is contaminated .

Drugs wont cure .

Bills haven't been paid .

Shopping hasn't been done

Letters haven't been posted

Clothes haven't been washed .

Clocks have stopped ticking.

Walls are too empty .

Space is too small .

House is too big .


Children don't play.

Birds don't sing .

Rain doesn't wash away .

Sun doesn't shine .

Speaking in silent .

Hearing is loud .

Touching is pain .

Memories are played over and over again .

Alcohol is bliss .

Vision is becoming out of focus .

Sound is fading .

Breathing is irregular .

Brain has stopped functioning .

Heart has stopped beating .

I died . The day he left me .

The End

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