The Arrogant Peacock

by Sonia Cheug

India . A country renowned for its mysterious enchantment and stunning scenery . There are rows and rows of mountains , dry land and temples which have been built many generations ago . The music is alluring . The food is bright and filled with spices of every kind . The culture is hidden with mythology and old mans tales .

There is a story that had been past down through the centuries . It tells the story of a palace run by a sultan and his queen . They had a massive garden filled with green pastures , ponds filled with fresh water and every species of bird, known to man kind .

There were the pinkest of flamingos , flocks of swallows and graceful swans . The list was endless ! They were everywhere . By the fresh water drinking or bathing and in the skies flying as high up to the heavens .

Now there was a bird that was one of a kind . He stood out amongst all the rest and was the most envied and watched bird . For he was a peacock . Blessed with colours of blue and eye popping , never ending green feathers . The sultan and his royal subjects worshiped the ground he walked on .He would strut around the garden without speaking a word . Standing proud

and high . Enjoying his surroundings . Nothing else mattered to him . As far as he was concerned , the other birds didn't deserve to be there and were just unimportant .

He would walk past then without uttering a sing syllable and thrusting his beautiful feathers into their faces . When he went to rest or sleep . He would always go under a weaping willow tree by the quietest pond .

Now as you can imagine all the other birds despised him . They could not take anymore of arrogance . They spent nights trying to figure out a way for him to learn his lesson . Eventually the head chief of the all birds was a brightly red and passionate flamingo

bird . He told them that every night he would always sleep under the quiet weeping willow tree and wake up in the mornings to wash and gaze at his amazingly handsome reflection .

Whilst the arrogant peacock was asleep . They all gather around him and tied his feathers together. Some of them plucked out some quietly and carefully placed them on top of his head , using their nest making , sticky glue saliva . Others would simply just throw some out into in to his surroundings .

The next morning . The arrogant peacock woke up all bleary eyed and irritable . As usual he went to the pond to wash himself . Bathing in the fresh cold water he noticed something peculiar . His head felt very heavy and the rest of his body seemed unusually light . He noticed some of his feathers were lying around in random places and then went to admire his reflection . His mouth dropped . For he had seen what all the other birds had done to him . He begged for their forgiveness , but they refused to believe , he would ever change the error of his ways .

He was ridiculed by the birds . The sultan , his queen and royal subjects saw him for who he really was and no longer admired him .

So the moral of this story is that real beauty lies deep within one's self and eventually your appearance will fade to reveal your true self .

The End

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