by Sonia Cheug

Hate is fury and violence , rolled into one unpredictable being .

It gets blown out of epic proportions .

the faithful friend ,

or ex lover you once thought you knew .

Becomes your number one enemy .

Hate is colour of a dangerous red fire .

Spitting out poisonous vermin , into the dark black void of the night .

The flames are intensely hot and its one purpose of keeping you warm and secure , burns you .

Leaving a deep , razor sharp scar on you .

The blood you once poured out turns out to be a disturbingly slimy , thin and runny consistence . Dripping everywhere and leaving traits of pain and anguish behind .

Hate is war . Empty words and weapons .

Guns , knives and bombs .

The dead bodies of our loved ones are scavenged and ripped apart ,

by big black , greedy vultures and mindless , laughing hyenas .

All the other relevant creatures of the animal kingdom , are ignored and frowned upon .

Hate is the fiery pits of hell .

Satan and his followers .

Where everyone walks around with a false sense of security .

Hate is the innocent young child inside of you .

Terrified of becoming an adult .

Facing a future of uncertainty void of love and eternal resolution.

The End

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