by Sonia Cheug

He sits in the quiet restaurant all by himself . Reading a newspaper .

He finds it hard to concentrate and throws the newspaper down onto the table .

He buries his head into his hands and thinks about the very special girl he lost out on .

He notices a couple sitting a few tables away from him and gets up fast to walk over to the toilet .

He stares at himself in the mirror and sees the reflection of a person he doesn't know or like anymore .

He turns on the tap and splashes the water onto his face.

He walks back out and pays his bill .

He walks out of the restaurant and walks over to his car .

He gets in and drives off . Past all the buildings and places that reminded him of a time when he was with her .

He thinks about all the things he should have said to her and all the terrible things he did say because he was too scared to tell her how much she really meant to him .

He struggles to keep himself together and spends most of his time in the company of friends who don't know him or pay any attention to him .

He likes to drink and smoke pot , so he can forget about who he has become .

He does this every day after work until he is old and lonely man.

He writes the letter he never wrote to her and dies in his sleep , dreaming about her .

He enters a land as the young man he once was .

The kingdom is guarded by pure white angels and a young beautiful young girl , who always waited for him .

The End .

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