The Goldfish

by Sonia Cheug

Hi my name is Gill and I am a goldfish . I live in an ocean filled with merky coloured water and brightly coloured

pebbles . There is also a huge grey castle .

I have a very short memory and love to swim for hours on end. I never ever get bored because I'm always finding new things to explore . I live with two other creatures . Mick and Jaws . At least I think that's their names .

Mick is a strange fish . He spends most of his time sucking onto the glass and staring into the outside world . Between you and me , I don't think he is very clever !

Jaws is a bully of a terrapin . He is always pushing in front of me when its feeding time and likes to chase after to me . I hate him !

I usually keep myself to myself but I don't mind . I love to swim for hours on end and always find new places to explore .

Wow ! Look at these brightly covered pebbles on the ocean floor and that castle . Its huge ! That guy over there looks familiar but I cant quite place him , Why is he sucking onto the glass ?

Why is the ceiling moving ? What are those small pieces of flakes ?

" Get out of my way Gill ! "

Who is that ? why he is pushing in front of me ? and who

is Gill ?

I have to swim to the top to find out what it is !

Mmmmm FOOD ! I'm so hungry I cant even remember the last time I ate anything ! This stuff is amazing ! I don't think I ever tasted anything so delicious .

Did I tell you I have a very short memory ?

Hi my name is Gill and I am a goldfish .

The end .

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