by Sonia Cheug

Imagine your about to enter hell .

Hell is a place , where you arrive at the entrance and IMMEDITALEY want to go back to where you came from !

What they didn't tell you, was that the gate keeper is dressed in a black sweater and has no legs !

He looks bored and would rather be somewhere else .

He decides who comes in and who doesn't .

I HOPE he doesn't recognise me and will turn me away !


I enter the land of the dead and have to sign my life away on a piece of paper .

I follow my fellow unfortunate mortals and sit down with Satan .

Satan is a she you know !

Dressed in a white long sleeve button shirt , black trousers and around her neck is a necklace , made of eye balls .

By now , I am officially a slave and wonder what did I do wrong ? and why did I end up here ?

Satan is actually an alien. Who speaks in a language that no one understands .

She talks about data entry and percentages .

The zombies around me nod along and agree .

We wear black chains around our hands and feet .

Then we march over and place ourselves behind oddly white shaped ,

boxed cells .

I have to sit in front of a contraption that fries my brain .

A brain washing device is placed over my head .

There are voices of all sorts , entering my ears .

The torture is by now . Well , how can I put this ?


I am hearing beeps , wrong numbers , machines and old living mortals who shout at me !


A light from above flickers .

Our chains brake free .


Until the next day .....

The end .

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