by Sonia Cheug

A road is like life .

Driving down a concrete , grey piece of laid out land .

You know where you are heading and what you are doing .

The roundabout awaits . It is unexpected and it is there but there are optians .

The question is . Which one do you take ?

Do you follow your instincts ?

Maybe you choose the route , everyone else does .

Or you panick and go around and around in circles .

The man in front is lost and he swirves in and out of the streets , trying to find the correct road back on course .

The couple behind , reach a dead end .

They take a moment and make a compromise .

They reach the long road .

Passing through explosions , rivers , pollution , trees and sewage farms.

Ahead of them , awaits a maginficiant horizon .

Filled with shades of pinks , blues and purples.

There is the most spectacular looking rainbow , you have ever seen !

With every imaginable colour you can possibly think of .

As for you . Well . You have to decide that one for yourself .

Stay focused and look ahead .

You will find your rainbow and realise the journey was worth it all along !

The end .

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