Me , Myself and I

by Sonia Cheug

Me is the woman , I strive to be.

Myself is who I am , when I am around other people .

I is the woman , who is what she is by herself .

Me is the perfectionist , who is never happy with what she has .

Myself is the clown , the joker and the party girl .

I is the one who goes to bed and closes her eyes . Wondering what she could have done right , if she had a second chance .

Me is the woman , who wears sun glasses , a smile and stands upright and strong .

Myself is the actress , the one who pretends that everything is ok and that she can handle everything , anyone throws at her .

I is the woman who is fragile , emotional and needs lots of hugs and kisses .

Me is the woman , who wants to become a better person every day .

Myself is the one , who everyone can talk to .

I is the vulnerable woman , who is left alone to think her own thoughts and feelings .

Me is the woman , who likes to dress up in fancy clothes and put her hair up .

Myself is the one , who likes to wear jeans and a teeshirt and leave her hair down .

I is the the woman , who likes to be in her pjs and have messy hair .

Me is the woman , who holds too many expectations of herself .

Myself is the one , who takes things one day at a time .

I is woman , who feels like she cant cope anymore .

Me , Myself and I , are three kinds of women all interbred .

The worthier , the performer and the unprotected.

The End .

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