Look Both Ways

by Matt Davis

You're sitting at a caf. A window seat. You watch cars drive by every minute, every second. People are walking on the sidewalk past the caf. You take a sip every now and then while you read an article in the newspaper. As you look outside the window, you look at people looking at you. You grow awful curious. Eyes become locked until it becomes too difficult to maintain the brief stare for one of you. For those few seconds you wonder, "Where are they going? Will I ever see them again? I wish I could know."

Then, you get your chance. At that moment, when you wonder what that person is doing and where that person is going, something happens. Across the street, a BMW parks near the street corner. A slim, well-dressed man gets out and looks around. He looks into the caf and finds your wandering eyes. You then see nothing but white.

You then hit the 'lock' button on your car keys. Your car chirps. You walk across the street and into an office building a door down from a caf. You talk to a man.

"Hey Colin! How can I help you?"

"You know what I want, Trent, just give it to me." You have an English accent.

Trent hands you a black brief case. You look at it. You open it. You look in it. Everything looks good. You walk out of the building. Looking around carefully, your eyes catch a woman across the street parking behind your car. You then see white.

You drop your car keys into your purse and begin to cross the street, bumping into a man midway. You then walk into an office building a door down from a caf.

"Hey, Sarah! What can I help you with?"

"You know what I want, Trent, just give it to me."

"Easy now, Easy. You know that English gentleman, Colin?"

"I know of him."

"He beat you to it, sorry, my love."

"Shit! Screw you, Trent!"

You rush out of the building. The car that you parked behind is gone and down the road you see the car driving away, weaving in and out of traffic. It's Colin for sure. Ready to get on with the chase, you run across the street. A car slams on its brakes and nearly hits you. Your hand prints are left on the car's hood. Alarmed, you look at the driver. Then you see white.

"Hey! Watch it!"

You curse at a woman that you almost hit in the middle of the street. She apologizes many times and moves on quickly. On your radio you hear that there is a speeding car in your area. You turn on your sirens and go after it.

"I'm heading towards the speeding car."

"Roger, Unit 1029, proceed."

You catch up to the car. It's a BMW Z3. The car pulls over and you turn off your car's sirens. You get out and walk up to the driver side of the car.

"Sir, are you aware that you were speeding?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Well, you sound new to the area, I'm gonna let you off with a warning, I'll be right back." You walk back to the police car.

"Hey! Cop! Eat some-a-dis!"

Your suspect floors the pedal and the thick smell of burnt rubber fills the air. On the sidewalk, two men get your attention. You look at them. You then see white.

"Hey! You two! Move on! Nothing to see here!"

A cop yells at you and your friend. You reach for your pocket and grab your cell phone as the cop drives off in pursuit of a BMW.

"Holy Shit! We gotta call Tommy!"

You punch in the digits and here a dial tone.


"Hey, Tommy."

"Yeah, whatcha' got?"

"You won't believe this but we just saw Colin. He's running from the cops!"

"Alright, alright, keep your pants on. I'm already on it."

"Aye, you're good, Tommy. You're good. Say, when are we gonna kick it?"

Tommy hangs up on you. Then a black Escalade turns the corner. The man in the passenger side looks at you; he nods and flicks his right hand. Then, you see white.

"Alright, Colin, where are you, you piece."

You know where Colin is going to end up but you just don't know how he is fairing with the police. Assuming that Colin will escape the cops like he has done many times before, you go to his apartment as Tommy instructed you to. Your driver parks a generous distance away from Colin's apartment and you wait for him to arrive. You chat with your driver while you wait.

"Hey, Mark, who is this Tommy character anyway?"

"He's a good man, Sam. You'll meet him before too long."

In the distance, a BMW is driving towards the apartment slowly. You get excited. Mark stays calm, however.

"Shit, there he is!"

"Colin, Colin. You always lose the cops don't you."

Colin parks his car and gets out. He's carrying a black briefcase.

"Come get me when I take him down, Mark."

You get out of the Escalade and run for Colin. As Colin shuts his car door you kick his legs out from under him and he drops the briefcase. You kick him in the stomach and pick up the briefcase. You then run into the Escalade. As you ride off, Colin limps off from the ground and yells in anger.

"I'll make you regret this! I'll put a bullet in Tommy's head!"

Mark drives to where Tommy is waiting.

"Alright, Sam, take the briefcase in to Tommy and the job is done."


You walk into the caf and meet Tommy. You see white.

"Hey, thanks, what's your name again?"


"Right. Thanks a million, Sam."

You wink at Sam and walk out of the caf. You see your car parked across the street. You look left briefly for any traffic coming. You see no cars close and you begin to make your way across the street. You hear a car honk and a sudden gust of wind flips up your tie. You were almost struck. You look right for any more cars. You then see a gun barrel.

"You know, you should look both ways, Tommy."

You then see black.

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