The Question

by Jerry Ferguson

Jimmy, who was thirteen had a question for his father. He looked at his watch and it was too early for him to be home yet from work. So he waited. He went outside and played with his friends for a while and they were getting stupid so he came back into his house and went into the back yard. His Mom was out shopping and his sister was with her girlfriends of course, somewhere, talking and talking. So Jimmy went into the garage and pulled out the old type lawn mower, the kind you had to push personally. He knew his father would really like it if he mowed the lawn so he started to do exactly that. It was real hot and sunny out but it was not too bad and Jimmy finished up mowing the back yard just about the time his Dad would be home. He went into the bathroom and washed up. He went into the living room and found a book Dad said was "a real good read" and he opened it up and was on the Preface when his father came home from work.

"Hey Dad, I got this..."

"Wait a minute son. The car is acting up and I have to take it down to Carlie's. I think the transmission is going."

"Yea, but I ......"

"Not now son. You stay home here and tell Mom that I will be right back."

"OK Dad but ....."

"Now I gotta go son. See you later."

"OK, see you later."

It was the transmission alright and when Dad got home he was in no mood to talk to anybody about anything and the "Question" was never asked and the answer was never received.

As time went by Jimmy even forgot what the question was. Life is funny that way isn't it? Some things in life do go unanswered and maybe that is the way it is suppossed to be.

Or is it?

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