Grandmother the Noble Soul

by K Jambulingam

After graduation I was unemployed. As per my Professor's advise I went to my village to do some farming. In the village we had some land and my grandmother was looking after it.We had a farm house by the side of a forty feet deep well which was used for cultivation and also for drinking purpose of the people lived in the adjoining village. It was a common sight that people carrying water from our farm and they were allowed freey entry to all my farm. I thought i must put a stop to this people entring the farm. So I put a fence that prevented the people from the adjoing hamlet entering the farm.But my grandmother was not happy about this. She told me that people have been collecting water from our farm for many decades and they werenot allowed because of my appearance on the farm. The people of that area were facoing a lot of difficulties in getting water. But I did not worry about them but only my garndmother was mot happy about my action. My garndmother use to go and help pregnent ladies of the hamlet during their delivery because there were no doctors available. This she was doing it free of charge as a social service. But all of a sudden she started charging for this.She started collecting money in all possible ways. I was wondering why she did this. 0ne day early morning my grandmother was bitten by a cobra the venoum would kill the person without delay. She told me to call the headman of the hamlet and he came to see her.She asked me to open her iron trunk and asked me to count the money . The amount was about two thousand rupees.She asked me to hand over the money to the headman to repair the well in their hamlet so that people would not face any problem for drinking water. The headman was happy and by the death bed of my grandmother he held my hands and told that my grandmother was a noble lady. I felt ashamed of my act.

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