The Sadness of the Night

by Jerry Ferguson

The Sadness Of The Night.

Leaving me alone to think in the darkness.

With eyes open and seeing nothing.

Thinking sad thoughts.

The emptiness comes closer.

There is something there, but I cannot see it.

I feel it, but cannot see it.

It is Sadness coming closer.

Closer, until She is standing next to me, but I cannot see her.

Her black hand reached out for me but I wave my arms at nothing trying to push her away.

The Sadness Of The Night.

She wants to stay with me and she sits by me.

My legs try to kick and push her away but she won't move.

I lay here with her, with Sadness.

I begin to cry and my chest heaves up and down and the tears roll down my face onto the unfelt pillow.

How sad it is to be with her.

The Sadness of the Night lies down next to me and embraces me tenderly.

She kisses my lips and a cold chill shoots through me.

My chest feels the pressure of her memories.

Cold is the night that has taken hold of me.

Then I sigh and feel myself give in to her demands and there is no more resistance.

The Sadness of the Night touches my Heart.

The pain reminds me of the moment you left.

Under the bright Sun we rested on the sand by the Seaside.

You saw through me at that moment and desired not to continue.

You got up and I knew my life had changed forever.

The sadness began that moment.

How I loved you, but was not able to love you, and you knew that.

Since that time I have slept with Sadness each night.

Tossing and turning, groaning and crying the night through, until Mercy brought a new day.

The Sadness of the Night touches my Soul.

Rolling off the bed onto the floor I prostrate myself before My Lord.

Have mercy on me God as I am, unable to Love!

Open my Soul to your Grace if it be your Will!

Quiet my trembling heart.

Allow me sleep, to rest.

Love me so that I can Love you.

Send Her away so I won't be afraid of the Sadness of the Night ever again.


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