A Moment in Life

by Jennifer Duke

A Moment in Life

I had a friend, Becky She was 54 and grew up romping and exploring the hills and

woods around her parent's farm. Becky new how to work the business end of fishing

Pole. She was quiet the basketball player in high school and found softball to her liking.

Becky would readily tell what her opinion was on any matter. Becky ran off and married

Her high school sweetheart and truly lived happily for 37 years with her best friend. Becky was already a wonderful firm, truthful, humorist by the time I began to work with

Her at a company that is not much to work for, but its people are a great joy to work with. If that confuses you, let me explain why I refer to my friend in the later. At my

Work we are all under constant pressure with no reprieve. For those who are lucky enough to get out to better jobs, they agree that is like being on the front line. They

Find themselves fearing that they have left things undone, or not completed by days end,

Because it's a normal work load now and not one person doing 5 or 6 jobs. To make the

Days bearable, some of us do things to brighten the day, like Becky a VP would stop in

One department every Friday to sing their Friday song. It was a little gesture but a very

Needed break from the stress. Last Friday we buried our friend Becky up in the hills were

She played. Two weeks ago Becky started having chest pain while we were at lunch. She

Although in pain drove back to work, her husband was bringing the alka seltzer for her indigestion, after she broke into a sweat she told her husband to take her to the doctor, but

First run by the house to use the restroom, it was there that she went into full arrest and was without oxygen for too long. She was in a medical coma for over a week due to convulsions each time they tried to bring her out. It was not until they decided to slowly

Bring her out over 3days that we were told she was brain dead and her best friend and daughter had to make the decision to remove life support. Becky died July 3rd, her funeral

Was set for the following Friday. The owners of the company made their decision to not

Shut down for the death of one of their VP's. But my coworkers and I made our decision to no matter what attend the final ride of our friend. Becky's daughter told us as she stood

Strong for the eulogie, that her Mother had no idea that she had touched so many in her life. Never before have I seen a funeral home so full, that it was standing room only, full

From wall to wall with family, friends, co-workers, ex-ball players she and her husband

Had coached. Having Becky as a fierce and loyal friend was a special moment in life. Watching

Her being laid to rest was one of the worst moments of life. We will miss her smile and

Weekly song, as we must face life without her.

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