Trapped (As Told by Anthony Legend)

by Neal E. Ogden


As told by Anthony Legend:

No, this isn't some fairy tale, like the ones your mom told you to get you to shut up. Or is it one of those stupid chain letter stories, nor the famed "Myspace myths". Fortunately for you, this is a story of wits. The story I'm talking about, is a story of trust and betrayal. You won't like the hero, an arrogant slob, willing to do anything to save his own tail. The so called villain: his former comrade. One last thing, I'm going to only tell you the last half of the tale. You have the luxury of figuring the rest out yourself. So that you don't get confused, I'll talk nice and slow. I have to warn you though, it's a bit gruesome, but nothing you can't handle.


Devlin stood, looking up into the cage. He wasn't sure if the box inside held a clue, but he was determined to find out. He was sure he only had an hour to escape, and the air in the room was slowly thinning out. To top it all off, he could still see Granger peering over the balcony. The expression he wore could've frozen beer, and he still held the photo album by waist side.

"Now that you see your destiny, what are you willing to do in order to reach it?"

Granger grunted. Seeing a former scientist struggle to survive annoyed him, and he felt no pity for his former comrade. He paced around the path along the balcony, circling his prey. Devlin turned away, focusing on the steel cage hanging from the ceiling. Granger paused, and then tossed the photo album down to Devlin's feet. Devlin glared back up at Granger.

"What's this?"

Granger just grinned and quietly walked back into the radar room. Devlin reached over and grabbed the album. It was an old, shabby book; and the original blue cover was a dull blackish shade. Devlin recognized the book, and quickly flipped through the pages. What he saw horrified him: his victims.

"No! What.....what is this?!"

The images of warped, mutilated bodies filled his eyes. One of a decapitated man, tied to the roof of his own car. Another photo was of a beautiful, young woman, a hanging spectacle. Each horrible detail poisoned his mind. Devlin covered his face and cried out into the air.

"They all had it in for us! All of them!" Devlin now began to sob bitterly.

"Mary! She pretended to care! As soon as she found us out, she freaked!"

Granger and two detectives reentered the laboratory. Granger nodded toward the guards in satisfactory.

"I knew he would confess. Devlin believes himself to be an honest man."

"Really?" said one of the detectives, "He looks like another disillusioned stiff to me"

Granger smiled at the thought, and then gave the detectives the go ahead.

"Arrest him, and disregard all he tries to tell you. Remember, he is crazy, and has started to hallucinate."

"Yes sir. We'll only be a minute"

Devlin flung the photo album up at the cage. He had to hurry and escape. He couldn't die before the truth was revealed. The cage swayed back and fourth, but did not shake loose from the hook. Devlin groaned. He knew that would be his last chance to bring Granger down with him.

"Mr. Somerton, we're with L.A. P.D., your under arrest!" with that she read him his rights, while the other detective cuffed him. Devlin was desperate, the evidence was right in front of them, and they couldn't even see it.

"No! Wait! Granger is involved! The album! Look at the album!" he cried.

The detectives quieted Devlin, and lead him off into the police car outside.

"Don't worry Mr. Somerton; you'll be getting some help real soon, okay bud?"

Devlin cringed at the words, and tried to shake loose, "You don't understand! I am not crazy! I swear it! Listen to me! Listen!"

"Get that maniac out of here detectives!"

Devlin whipped back toward Granger, "You'll burn for this Harvey! Burn!" The threat angered Granger, and he wanted to clear his good name.

"I'm only guilty of betraying a lunatic. And not a jury in the world is gonna convict me! You where the mastermind! You murdered those people! And now you will suffer the consequences!"

Devlin was speechless, and he seemed to choke on Granger's words. He went after Granger one last time, desperately trying to convince the detectives.

"No Harvey! You are responsible! It was you! Detectives! You're arresting the wrong man!"

Granger was getting annoyed, "Damn it! I said get him the hell out of here!"

"Right sir!" barked back one of the detectives. As Devlin was hauled away, Granger picked up the album. Then he made his way back into the radar room, toward his assistant.

"It's finally over Mr. Granger, and you can go back to business as usual."

Granger nodded in agreement, and continued on into his private suit. Granger entered his office and sat. He opened the album and flipped through the pages.

"I sure can do some nice work." he grinned, "When I have to"

Granger then threw the album into the fireplace and lit a cigar.

"Looks like its case closed"

Granger leaned back into his chair and puffed a cloud of gray smoke into the air.

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