The Wall

They built the wall to keep it out, to keep them safe. It wasn't long before tiny cracks appeared in the bricks.

Little Billy was the first to scream. He stood there, eyes wide, just watching as it began to burst through. Bricks tumbled down to the ground and landed at his shoes. His black eyes watered. Where was his dad? Billy picked up a brick and shoved it back in it's place. The stupid brick popped out again. He shoved it back once more and pushed against it with all his might but it crumbled into a thousand little pieces. He looked at the red dust on his palms and then he witnessed a glimpse of 'it' and so Billy ran.

People in town saw Billy running so they hid too. It was only a matter of time before it was their turn.

Hailey turned white as snow. She didn't even try to call for help; she knew her mommy couldn't save her now.

Everyone shivered with fright. Everyone, afraid of the one thing their parents could never protect them forever from. They watched their wall of protection shake and crack. Some sucked their thumbs, others hugged their legs; most watched, eyes barely blinking-just waiting; wondering when reality would come to smash down theirs.

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