The Night

by Allengia

I looked at him through the darkness of the night, and whispered,"Andrew, I can't do this, I'm a virgin, I want to stay one, darling."

He grabbed me and kissed me on the lips,"it's not that I want you to lose your virginity, I just want to show you my love, Allengia, truthfully."

"I know, but, oh, Andrew, can we just do it now and get it over with?" I grabbed his penis,"this might be fun." I admitted as I turned on my side to face him.

"This damn day has been crappy up until now. We're sharing our love, I always wanted to with you, All. Let's begin."

The night went by slower than ever before, it was pleasant, though. I liked most of everything we did, the exchanging, the fun, the sex, his penis. I didn't think it could get better, until, the night was almost done.

Andrew took his penis and let ME take the condom off. We stuck his "snake" in the hole, and I realized I was having REAL sex at 19 years old. We would have to get married now, we could have sex every night, have fun, ya know?

"Allengia, that was such great damn sex, I couldn't have fucked anyone better." I looked at Andrew, how dare he say that!!!

But then, I realized, that night was great, and I really loved him.

Allengia Misinourner

June 18, 07

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